Wednesday, June 4, 2014

3D Building Illustrations Postcards to GIVE AWAY!

Virtual Paradigm Architectural Visuals are giving out these cool postcards for free.  Just share their facebook post on your company page and they will send one to the address.  If you don't have a company page just share on your own timeline, PM your address and check your mailbox for one of these awesome designs.

Check 'em out~!

Link to Facebook post HERE

Out of Mojo

Urgh, just one of those days when you know it's going no where so its time to go to bed.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Huba + Michelle Wedding

阿婆最喜欢,也最疼的传道人结婚咯!因为行动不便,容易累,好难得她肯去参加婚礼。不但如此,还肯上楼上观礼。散会后,还很耐心的在楼下等他们在楼上拍完了照下来一起拍照。 一句怨言,一句问题都没有。超难得!对我们都没那么有耐心。哈哈哈! 

但看见她那么用心,那么疼爱传道人,我还挺感动的。能见证他们的婚礼,听他们一路来的爱情故事也是个感动。愿神祝福他们的婚姻,常有神的爱,恩典,引领,也成为身边人的祝福。恭喜‘虎传道和虎传道老婆’ ! (阿婆是这样称呼他们的)呵呵。。。