Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Card Making with Marlene Again (Miri Life Part 17)

23.09.09 Wednesday Afternoon
Went to Marlene's house 'again' to return her tools and also to hand her the love station cards. Visiting Marlene's house used to be an annual family thingy during Chinese New Year. I remembered being excited to see the peacocks then ^^ Neways, for this holiday, I lose count of the times I visited her place. Haha.

Chun Sian came over too to make some cards. He wanted to make some thank you cards for his grandma who wanted to use them to thank the people who cared and prayed while his grand dad was sick. The thought is so sweet and so are the cards.
Then we goofed around a bit while taking group pictures. I tried to look like Chun Sian. What do you think? How many % alike? Haha.
Then we had our serious group photo. Hehehe.
I needed to make a wedding card for daddy. Thanks to Marlene, I got to make another nice card at her place. I really have fun playing with her stuff ^^ She says the cards I make using her tools got her style a bit. I think so too. My first monotone card! hahaha... I'm happy with this!

Card Making for MGC Love Station (Miri Life Part 16)

23.09.09 Wednesday Morning
After breakfast, Tiffany and Ivan followed us back home while their daddy went to run some errands. I was making cards for Miri Gospel Chapel's Love Station. So i thought why not get them involved. I'm never very good with kids as I have no patience. :P But two is ok I thought. And so I got them to help out and they amazed me. Seven year old Tiffany figured out how to use the corner punch by herself! I didn't know how to use it until I was in university man! They did fight over doing everything a bit, but overall things were under control and the outcome is very satisfactory. I'm very proud of them! ^^

I made 80 cards in total for the love station. You can view more pictures of my cards here. Thank you Marlene for shooting the pictures :) If you are scratching your head wondering what a love station is, click here to learn more :)

Breakfast with U. Dan (Miri Life Part 15)

23.09.09 Wednesday Morning
Went to breakfast with Uncle Dan Gogo and his family at the coffee shop by the lake. Yes, our relationship is complicated. I'm calling him Uncle Dan and Gogo (meaning brother) at the same time. Hahaha. How did that turn out to be like this? Well you can check that out with my mum and grandma. ^^ Uncle Dan has been someone in my life and part of the family since I was a kid. He saw us grow up, and we saw him from being a bachelor, to getting married and having kids. He has always been a great and handy helper too whenever we needed something to be fixed in the house. Hehehe. It was great catching up :)

Neways, just some random shots. Oh, I saw Jay Chou's milk tea!! But I was too busy talking that I forgot to buy when we left. Awww.... my Jay Chou~~~~ whu whu~~~~~

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Randoms (Miri Life Part 14)

21.09.09 Monday
Daddy and mummy seem to enjoy having tea in the garden. They invited some friends over for tea again. One of them is in the tree plucking rambutans. hehehe...
And that night, my mum steamed a very special food for me. This was made by my aunt. Mum told me that its a traditional food and the recipe is brot down by my grandma, whom i never got to meet. Its glutinous rice stuffed in pitcher's plant. My aunt even purposely travel to the indonesian border to buy the giant pitcher's plant. Tasted like 'chang'.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Lunch @ Grandma's Again (Miri Life Part 13)

21.09.09 Monday Afternoon
Grandma purposely made some 'Yong Ai Gua" (smthing like Yong Taufu, but instead of Tofu, she uses brinjal). So, we had lunch at her place again :) Also, she knew Chia was in town and invited him to come over too. Not only we had grandma's special dish, there was also Dad's 4kg Tutu fish! I love steamed fish and miss it very much. Mum's cooking made it even better. It was a great lunch.
A candid video after lunch. You'll see my sis asking stupid questions and my grandma 'scolding' me :P
Chia took some pictures of grandma's garden
I love this picture ^^

Paper Making Again (Miri Life Part 12)

21.09.09 Monday
Went to grandma's place for lunch today. Purposely went earlier to spend some time with her. While waiting for the rest of the family to arrive, I took out my recycle papers I got from luzhou (thanks for Meigu!) and started cutting and tearing while chit chatting with her. I got her to help out too! ^^
After lunch, mum, sis and chia joined in to help. I think this is a good simple activity to get everybody involved. Its a good use of chit chatting / tv-watching time. While relaxing, we are contributing something that is environmental friendly. And its so simple it can involve almost everybody - old or young... even kids can tear paper up!
After getting the papers torn up, I went to Marlene's house to make the papers. Because of the 'good' paper qualities, we spent extra time smashing up the papers. Haha. Though it took longer time, the overall the process was successful, and we had about 8-9 pieces of papers I think. We spilted our 'harvest'. Hahaha... Can't wait to make something beautiful out of my "pretty meh?" (as how some people call it) papers. LOL...More pictures here

Luzhou Youth Night (Miri Life Part 11)

16.09.09 Wednesday evening
Marlene ajak me to go to luzhou's youth night today. And so I did, bringing along a whole kampung...(my mum, my sis and cousin). Man, they got lotsa stuff to 'play' - so many that I could only manage little time for each activity. First we spent some time popetting in the office, seeing Ahui performing his magic, cheating people again. LOL. Then we were free to join a series of other activities - jamming, table tennis, karaoke, board games etc..... Too bad I only got to join them for one night. More pictures here.
Calvin introducing people
Ahui 'cheating' people again.... ~~~

Grandma met up with her Kawan (Miri Life Part 10)

16.09.09 Wednesday
I brought grandma with me to one of my favourite kolo mee stall. Other than craving for the food there, I intended to bring grandma meet up with her friend, the owner of that stall. Grandma seem very happy and excited got to meet her friend. They talked and laughed a lot. She keep encouraging my grandma to join the elderly fellowship in church, which I was very glad. She even offered to pick her up and drive her home if she would go. Actually she didn't take NO as an answer and just concluded that she would go and pick her up. LOL. And on top of the wonderful breakfast and funny conversations, we had breakfast on the house!... I thank God that grandma has such a wonderful 'kawan'

Randoms (Miri Life Part 9)

15.09.09 Tuesday
Went to visit dad's new office today.... He just bought a new computer and showed it off to me. Mum went too, action there lagi. Hahaha... Afternoon went for Starbucks with Marlene but forgot to take pictures!! Argh~! After that back at home, Dad got me these sweet corns from our garden and asked me to cook..... Boy, they look retarded.. these are the better ones already... LOL..!

Buka Puasa with Young Dreamz (Miri Life Part 8)

14.09.09 Monday evening
Buka puasa with Young Dreams that evening. Young Dreamz, named by Ameigu and we have been calling ourselves that since then, was formed in 1999. We started out composing, singing and performing, but slowly turn out to be a long lasting friendship. We had dinner, chit chat-ed, joked, and shared some good books :) I hope we still can do this when we are toothless and our hair is white.... perhaps big gathering with our kids and grandchildren then... Hehehe.
We did a pot-luck... I forgot take picture of Sandy's ABC soup and my honeydew "xi mi lu" picture though.

Lunch @ Grandma's (Miri Life Part 7)

14.09.09 (Monday)
I went to grandma's house and cooked lunch there. She was so worried I didn't know how to get about using her stuff and ended up helping out a lot. LOL. We asked the rest of my family to come over for lunch together also. Having to eat alone all the time in KL, I treasure meal times in Miri. And despite the overly salty soup, I think everybody enjoyed lunch.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tea Time with Family (Part 6)

Today followed Marlene to Curtin for a card making class. Meant to take some pictures...... Brot my camera BUT forgot my memory stick. So...... just gonna put this one pic here, taken by Yee Boon...I really like this pic...we are raising our hands and feet because we are kaki tangan kaki tangan...!! Hehehe.... You can read more about the class with pictures here. ^^ Reaching home after class, my parents suddenly ada mood for tea and mooncakes..... so for the first time we had tea in our 'garden'.... relaxing..... hehehe...... i have never been a mooncake person but i enjoyed the moment :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

When Sheerah Met Marlene (Part 5)

When Sheerah met Marlene, she got crazy.......!! Yep, crazy bout cards... cuttle bug and big shot!!.... I got 3 first times today - first time making cards with Marlene, first time playing with cuttle bug, and big shot too... We did some preparation for the curtin workshop tomorrow and also I made a wedding card for a friend whose wedding I'm gonna attend this weekend :) Not only I got to enjoy card making, I got tonnes of goodies!!!! Thanks Marlene, it was an awesome afternoon.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Snail Mail in Miri! - Miri Life (Part 4)

Woohoo~~!!!! It's been so long since I've receive snail mail in Miri!!...... After receiving an sms saying that there's mail for me in the mail box, I rushed downstairs to check the mail box. It was dark so I couldn't see anything. I put my hand in and as I felt an envelope, my heart was trilled. It's snail mail for me!! THANK YOU MARLENE!
Let's check out the envelope ..... Oh, I love it, I love it, I love it! Brown paper and sewn all so neatly.
And inside??? Taaddaahh~~~ a very very cute card.....Love the flowers and embossed pokka dots... it's all very sweet ^^
Thanks again Marlene ... for the very pleasant surprise :)

Miri Life (Part 3)

After lunch, we went to grandma's house and took some random pictures :P First buddy to catch our attention was the lazy ktty
Then grandma showed off her garden...She plucked some of her kailan for us ...

What we had for dinner...... grandma's chicken feet (this dish is everyone's favourite in our family).. and grandma's kailan. I tried out the deep fried style and wok fried style with wine. Both style tasted good~~~~ :)