Friday, December 10, 2010

A little somethin' for my Partners

I'm starting my christmas projects a little late this year. For starters, I made little bookmarks for my partners in Sbux. Well, I don't know how many of them would be interested in handmade crafts like this, but I still had the urge to hand make something for everybody. It's Christmas - the season of giving ^^ ..... well, I hope someone will like it :)
Bookmarks - well, kind of....
New technique learned - sewing
Grabbed some stickers from Sbux.... love 'em

and yes, there are recycled contents in the cards - made from packaging waste from Sbux as well :)

Go Recycle

Kinda got myself hooked up with recycling papers. This is something new i discovered from a book -> adding strings.... I think its cool :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some Darn Things that Grandma Says (#1)


玲:>.< (还能答什么?)

我啊婆那么可爱,真叫人很难不爱她 :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010


这样的默契,我喜欢,我感恩,我珍惜 ^^

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Featured Artist

I’m very honored to be chosen to be the featured artist for Scrap-n-Crop for the month of July and August. In fact, I’m still trying to believe it. Hehe.

I got to know Scrap-n-Crop from some random surfing and was amazed to learn the vast materials and tools they supply. And when I visited their abode, I was blown away by the many ‘toys’ I see – every wall, every corner and every space was filled with them, walking space was minimized to the max where you can find stuff at the sides of the staircase even……oh, I was in Heaven and wished I could stay there forever.. haha :D Since my first visit in 2009, Scrap-n-Crop has been the place I shop most for tools and supplies. Even that now I’m back in Sarawak, their efficient online services make my shopping possible and convenient. I was worried earlier that I couldn’t find supplies when I move back.

Neways, it’s so kind of Valerie a.k.a Val to approach me and asked me if I could be their featured artist. Wow, I was trilled! I’m not anywhere close to being a professional, as how many other featured artists are, and yet she thought of me! Thanks again Val, and the rest of the team, for making this possible for me ^^

Feel free to check them out. They've got tonnes of goodies :D

Here are the links

To go to their online shop, click HERE

To go to their SnC's CROP.mmunity (blog), click HERE

To go to my featured post, click HERE

To go to my gallery in their site, click HERE

To Contact them:
Valerie Gan
Email :
Tel : +6-012-386 2869
Fax : +6-03-8724 2588
Address: 37 Jalan SL 2/2, Bandar Sungai Long, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia
Opening Hours (for abode): By Appointment Only (Please call or e-mail)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fuze Design

Hey, my brother started blogging ^^ I've always been an admirer of his works. Feel free to check it out :) It's got......

photoshop stuff
3D Max stuff
Architecture stuff
Interior stuff
and some tutorials ^^

I think it's cool. Check it out HERE

A Pleasant Evening with Yiing Babeh

I'm super blessed to have 2 best-EST friends :D And all 3 of us agree that our friendship is a miraculous blessing and gift from God. Why? We barely meet over the years (once in 2 years maybe?) and yet somehow our friendship never fades but only grows stronger. Whenever we meet, we never feel the distance and chat like it was yesterday that we've seen each other. ^^ With them, I could be completely transparent and comfortable even when displaying the worst and darkest parts of my life.

Today (22.06.2010), I got to meet up with Yiing after 2 years. Over a cup of chamomile and chrysanthemum tea, we spent our evening with endless chats - of memories 10 years back, present happenings, future plans, and of course, the all time wonder of "wat-if-we-three-were-in-the-same-city" .......Hahaha... All in all, it was a really pleasant evening and I wished it didn't have to end.
Oh, and Yiing got me a gift!..... or should I[s].. :D She insisted to wrap the present properly before I take a picture. Actually, I opened the present half way in the car, with everything dark and all. Then I decided to open it properly in the cafe so I can take picture :p
And this is it....... in matching paper and ribbons...... LOVE IT! ^^
Opening the present to find.....
A notebook...... and stationaries!!! ^^
It's a matching set!!! (blur me only realized it when I reach home >.<)..... but hey, how awesome is this ey?
I've decided to jot down in this book my ideas/thoughts of something I hold dear in my heart and hoping they will turn into reality one day :) Psst, I've started the first few pages ;p

Thanks again babeh..... love you to bits!! :)

p/s: Gin Li....... BE MORE jealous!.... Hahaha..... ok la, we wished you were here too..... :(

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My First Starbucks Card

I got a new collection~! ^^ Decided to start collecting these... and got WanLong who got to visit Taiwan for some student exchange program (still soooooo SUPER jealous lo~!!) to bring these back for me :D

I really love Starbucks packaging ^^
Starbucks Cards!! ^^
and taiwanese receipts ^^
We met at tanjung to lim teh so he could pass me these :D My self-picture-taking skill really...... senget. Hahaha. If MingYung was here, the picture would have been MUCH better. Too bad he couldn't make it.
And he bought this for me - an ornament of the native tribe there. Decided to goof around with the picture a bit. It's a song's lyrics :) Thank you WanLong for the help and the gift. Appreciate it very much :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Prayer Answered

Prayed for inspirations to make cards. Totally not in the mood but felt that I just need to make it. Thank you Lord for answering my simplest naive prayers like this.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rest Day 21.06.10

Aaaahhhhh~~~~ Finally rest day again. ^^ However, didn't get much rest today. There's just so much to do, and honestly, I'm not managing myself very well :( .....I tend to miss out things, and neglect certain people because I'm so self involved in my own stuff...... sigh......Sometimes I wonder if only we could upgrade our memory cards (brain) or processors (body/energy) like the computer yea? hehe....

Neways, started my day early at Starbucks again. Planned my week (well, sorta.... :p) and did some reading. My sis got me this beautiful bookmark and I decided to use it on my daily planner :D
Today's read: Examine your spiritual life..... chapter read: about spiritual growth. I love his cartoons... :D
Then da bao chicken rice from 'Old Friends Cafe' and went to grandma's. She got some 'add on's from her neighbour too. It was a really heavy lunch :p
Got Joanna to join us too. She bought some dragon fruit..... really really sweet :D
After lunch, spent some time with grandma watching some old fashioned ghostmovie which I find funny instead of scary. And grandma commented my hair today..... *aiks?* She thinks I need a hair cut ...... hhhmmm....... will consider I guess...? But what kind? She shud know I have NO fashion sense bah... aduh~!

After that, by coincidence, had an early celebration with Ryan for his birthday :D Ryan is my partner in Starbucks Miri, and my first friend there too :)

Since he likes chocolate very much, thought of bringing him to Citrus for the chocolate fondue. This is my first time to try it too. Quite nice..(i'm not much of a sweet tooth)..... but he seems to like it though ^^
My sis has been asking me to go for a movie since I came back and I always seems to have some other stuff to do. And finally today, managed to arranged some time for that. I surprised her by buying the tickets first. This is the first movie I watch in cinema after I move back. We both enjoyed the movie. Funny and yet with valuable lessons behind the story. Worth the watch :) Money and time well spent.
and................ after that, went for McD (how can we miss McD when we're in Parkson? :p), then to the bookstore for a glimpse or two before heading back home to finish up some chores and blog about my day. Geez, scrolling back up, I'm like writing a report. I don't know why it sounds like this. Hahaha.

Oh well, so much for my 'rest' day. Long week ahead. Alertness and some extra strength needed, as well as extra prayer. Neways, I believe HE will provide :) Learning to put down and leave it to HIM too ^^ Now that, I've rested... it's time to run again.... Ready? Let's go~!

and so till then, cheerz..... have a good week guys....

p/s: yiing, looking forward to see you tomolo ^^ ginli, BE jealous~!... hahahahaa....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Randoms #4 - Blessings ^^

Random 1: Friday 11.06.10
Almost forgot to blog about this. Geez, how I can forget something so sweet? My bad :p Anyways, I received new stamps from Marlene!!!! ^^ together with a unique card that has espresso truffles recipe at the back. Hehehe. We are all very busy people, and yet she remembers me when she buy new stamps.... super sweet :D I've always wanted to buy some bible verses stamps.... and God gave me some through an angel ^^ I can't wait to get my hands on them, on cardmaking.... and of course the espresso truffles. Wonder who would wana be my experimental 'white rat'? :p
The recipe
Random 2: Saturday 12.06.10
I have been coughing non stop for a week now. Dad bought this for me. I know its nothing special to brag about, but I want to jot this down here so I won't forget these little drops of blessings in my life ^^
Random 3: Monday 14.06.10
and grandma gave me these for my cough :D
Random 4: Wednesday 16.06.10
The wheelchair we booked for grandma arrived. She seems happy with it. Check out that smile ^^ Now we are all ready to go 'gai gai' liao... hehehe.. Need to check out wheel chair drop spots in public places tho :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Rest Day 14.06.10

Started my rest day @ Starbucks today again. Read a book Jason lend me months ago :p Feeling a little 'slumber', I only read one chapter - that's on Martin Tang. I like reading stories behind successful people. I find reads like this inspiring. Martin is a very successful and recognized international producer in the chinese music industry. There were times when he had it all, and then he lose it all. From Martin's story, I realize no matter how deep down we fall, God can turn anyone's life around, as long as we are willing to let Him and never lose trust in Him.
Lord, grant me a humble servant heart.

Didn't do much for the rest of the day. and not quite productive today. A little sick. :( I long to feel energetic again.. There's so much to be done. I need motivation....! and I need....... strength.

Till then, have a good week guys :)

p/s: yiing babeh, I'm counting down days you come back ^^

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Khai & Thing's Wedding Gift

My wedding gift for 2 dear friends in Pandan fellowship - a handmade invitation poster to be displayed in church. I'm sooo very happy for them ^^..... I miss Pandan fellowship.... whu whu whu.....