Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mum& Dad's 28th Anniversary

It was my parents' 28th Anniversary on 19th Jan 2009. Made a simple little belated card for them. I've also posted some of their pictures here :)
I took this picture as we were going for the CNY night market. My sis and I were at the back and saw this view to be nice - still hand in hand after 28 years. So we quickly grab the camera and did a candid shot =p They walked really fast and we had to chase them so picture is kinda blur, but i still find it sweet. I hope some day I can find a husband whose hand I can hold even tho we are 70 already :)

Chicken Porridge for Family

I cooked chicken porridge for my family last night. Actually I absolutely dislike porridge, but my dad loves it. So I try to make an effort to cook porridge for him everytime I come back. Hehehe. Nothing so special, but I just feel like sharing my pictures here :D

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The feel of Home :)

I came home last Friday and stayed for 10 days ^^ (longest I've ever stayed since I went to KL). This time back I found somethings that I appreciate about home....simple little things but these things I cant find in my KL house. ... like:
  • family chit chat chit chat (although sometimes it can be VERY noisy)
  • feel of someone at home as you come back from outside
  • never have the chance to feel hungry (in KL I normally start to find thing to eat only after I feel hungry)
  • my sis helping me do mask, giving me facial care advices
  • msn with my sis, while she's sitting next to me, asking her what she doing and she ask me where I am... hahaha... (this is very 废 but fun lor :p)
  • my grandma classic 想当年stories
  • my mum nagging dad (my dad always answer: "yalo"... hahahaha)
  • my mum nagging me and my siblings
  • my grandma calling me "fai dan" (坏蛋)as I kacau her
  • my dogs chasing my car and follow me home as I drive home from somewhere. I love the sight of them thru my side mirror.
  • my mum's home brew coffee ... mmmmm......
  • my very messy room and yet I sleep better here

Oops... gotta go out. Will add more if I think of more later :)

Hehehe, I'm back with more stuff:

  • never have to worry about car thingy
  • everywhere is within 15 mins
  • the rain - a bit too much but i still love it
  • kolo mee breakfast!! yum, and this includes breakfast with family
  • home cook food - either mum's, grandma's or mine .. hehe
  • the sound of tv (in KL, i hardly on tv, let alone to watch it)

Monday, January 26, 2009

My first Mini Album - Marcus Christina Engagement

My first mini album - a simple engagement present for Marcus and Christina ^^ I really had fun doing it. For the contents, I asked them separately what they think of each other. And so ngam, their replies really fits the pictures. How great is that? I'm quite pleased with this piece of art work, even though the touch up kinda cacat still. Hehehe. So here goes. Hope you guys dropping by will enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I enjoy making this album :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Joanna

After 3 years in KL, I got to celebrate my sister birthday for her this year. Thanks to CNY :) Made her a card and got her a mug from starbucks. Got her the mug because my baby sister finally start working already and thought of getting her a mug for her work, even though this girl hardly drink any hot drink. Hahaha.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Welcome to the Family

We had 3 brothers and 1 sister from Pandan Youth Fellowship who got baptized this month. So as an encouragement, I made these cards for them. The first 2 has the image of a gift, which symbolize the greatest gift (Jesus) they have received. The next 2 are for a pair of cute couple (I got their cute picture below ;P), so I had this idea to make like a similar set, like couple cards.

新年来咯!(Part 3)

Made this card in a rush for Ahui, who is leaving for Miri tomorrow. He's going back for good, after six years in KL. Simple one, a bit too 'old' feel though. Oops.. :p But he say, no choice, have to admit old liao also....Hahaha. Anyways, wish all the best in his new career back in Miri. 加油哦,阿辉 :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

新年来咯! (Part 2)

I made more cards with my customize stamps. Basically my colors are red (a must for CNY i guess) and white, then accessorized with pink, brown and gold (well, sort of). Then I played around with stamps - flowers are from my sister during Christmas and wordings are custom made. I really love the flowers stamp and because they are so nice already, its easier to design nice card without wasting a lot of 'brain juice'. hahaha.