Sunday, June 28, 2009

House Warming with Marcus & Chris (Part 2)

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I hang out with my bro last weekend. We started the day (which is noon) by having dim sum "breakfast". Then we went shopping for sushi stuff and DIY a jap dinner in his apartment. I searched online for the jap names of what we made, I think I'm right for most of it. Hahaha.

House Warming with Marcus & Chris (Part 1)

I spent last weekend with Marcus and Chris. I have not visited them since they moved. I made them some house warming gifts even though it's been a while since they moved. Well, better late than never ei? :P

For Someone who {Heart} PINK

This is a framed requested by Wendy, a Mirian also. It is for her friend, Penny, who "{hearts} pink" as how Wendy describes it. I hope Penny will also {heart} this present and friendship with Wendy as much as she {hearts} pink :)
p/s: thanks to yiing for the lovely foam letters. I love them so so much. First time trying out with foam letters ^^

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


喜欢这首歌对恋爱的积极approach. 酸酸的未必不好,就好像柠檬蜜糖味道还不错一样
还有就是,喜欢这首歌的 guitar style. Hehehe :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

When you fall down.....

I got this from an forwarded email. Love the graphics and also their quotations. Will stretch them out and upload slowly in my blog :)

No failure is fatal
Also for most of the time, nobody takes you as seriously as yourself.

I wonder....

picture from here

Sometimes I can't help but wonder..... Is anyone reading my blog? How come my blog always seems so 'quiet'? Is anyone interested to read what I have to write / present? Or is this just a place where I keep blabbering to myself a.k.a 自high?

While I'm still wondering, I went to church today and heard a few brother and sister saying, they saw the "pandan jamming" post and talk about it. Even though, nothing much was commented but still, hey!~ my blog is being read! wakakakka.....

Oh well, I guess at some point, everybody, no matter how strong you are / look, needs to be assured.... thanks to the bro and sis who did this for me today (even though you guys may have not realize it). Thankss...

Monday, June 15, 2009

五月天 - 突然好想你


最怕回憶 突然翻滾絞痛著 不平息
最怕突然 聽到你的消息

事到如今 終於讓自己屬於 我自己
只剩眼淚 還騙不過自己

突然好想你 你會在哪裡 過得快樂或委屈
突然好想你 突然鋒利的回憶 突然模糊的眼睛

我們像一首最美麗的歌曲 變成兩部悲傷的電影
為什麼你 帶我走過最難忘的旅行 然後留下 最痛的紀念品

我們 那麼甜那麼美那麼相信 那麼瘋那麼熱烈的曾經

突然好想你 你會在哪裡 過得快樂或委屈
突然好想你 突然鋒利的回憶 突然模糊的眼睛

最怕回憶 突然翻滾絞痛著 不平息
最怕突然 聽到你的消息

最怕此生 已經決心自己過 沒有你 卻又突然 聽到你的消息


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pandan's 1st Jamming Session

We had our first trial of jamming session yesterday. The guys got the scores and practiced it seperately at home already. As for me, when I saw that Shi Quan could play lead, I jumped in and offer to play the rhythm (typical 'syiok' sendiri loh :P) so he can play the fun part. Well, even though we started out sounding like playing 3 different songs and that we couldn't play loud as it was late, but slowly we got the hang of each other and we definitely enjoyed it ^^ It's been a while since I've jammed and its the first for Shi Quan. Not sure for Kherlian tho, think probably his first time jamming too. It was fun and we'll do it again! Hehe. Below is the original MV of the song we jammed. As for our own MV... still under construction la. Haha. (我这个过路人讲到好像真的是自己的band liao)... :P

Feedback of DIY Kit Sold

I sold a DIY kit to Sin Ai (my sweet supporter) during my sale at Times Square and this is the outcome. Is it just lovely? ^^ I think she did a wonderful job. She also told me her parents like it. I'm so so glad :)

"Envair Gathering"

One of my suppliers invited me to his brother's wedding dinner. This is the first time I attend an Indian wedding dinner. The dinner was simple where the bride and groom entered the hall with their family, then we had an Indian buffet dinner. One great thing about this dinner is I got to meet up with my ex-colleagues. And we all agreed that this supposedly wedding dinner became our annual gathering dinner :P

This is the couple. I only got the picture. Hahaha. We had a group picture with them but not with my camera.
This is the rice deco which amaze me. Awesome don't you think?
My ex-colleagues. Miss them ler~~~

Father's Day Cards (Part 4)

Finally........ my very own scallop border punch ^^

I've been waiting to buy border punches and finally got my chance :) Got kinda excited that I use a bit too much scallop edges in one card. Outcome as below. Hehe.