Wednesday, July 23, 2014

First Full Day at Store

Today is my first full day in store. It's also my first time to hold the key and open the shutters. Menu is up and lovin' it.  Spent the day cleaning, displaying our products on the island and shelves (I enjoyed the display part), then training, training and training again in the freezing cold.  Yes, the new mall air conditioning is making me frozen and I'm wondering if anyone wana build a snowman.

After displaying, I must say these bad boys (the coffee machines) do look good with their shining outlook under the warm lights.  And some might say the display shelves are half empty but I choose to see it as half full. ^^

Anyways, it has been a fruitful, productive and also handsful day.  Time to recharge for another awesome day tomorrow. Jia you! We are getting there! ^^ can't wait!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Elderly Fellowship Thanksgiving Birthday Celebration

I wonder how many people have friends who lives up to 90 years old?  This guy here is my first.  He didn't want to give a speech for his birthday, he wanted to sing!! My gosh, he blew everyone away with a whole song!

And look who's got the Mic? Haha! I don't think I've seen her with a Mic before.. today kena wat!! Hahaha   Almost everyone shared something.  They are so so so cute and these smiley faces are really some awesome stress relievers.

Finally! Organized my postcards! ^^

This is one of those things which I've always wanted to do but just kept on hold because there is always something more important and urgent to do. But this is something I think about doing everyday! (I know you might think I'm crazy). I'd tell myself wait till you have some free time then you do this but the thing is ill NEVER have free time.  So today despite having 'more important' things on the list, I decided to 'make myself free' and go ahead and organize my pile.  I sorted them, numbered them, make sure they are dated, and arranged them. What a relief to get it organized finally. 104 postcrossing cards, 12 direct swaps, and some others from families and friends. Thinking of starting a postcard blog to document them... Fingers crossed. ^^ neways, so glad to get this done. Scanning next! Yay!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Failed Attempt on Latte Art

I've been away for a while on training for my new job (YAY!) and it was soo soo fun!! Anyways I was practicing the other day and decided to goof around with some of my cacat foam to give them a twist.  Hence the cute little outcomes as below.  Hehehe... This also reminds me to see beauty in imperfections.  Given a twist, unexpected wonderful outcome can be produced, just depends on how we face/handle it I guess.  ^^