Friday, May 28, 2010

The most important task of the day

This is my daily essentials - something to keep me going :)
Sharing my devotions today with you all ^^

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No title

I chose to put 'no title' as the title for this post as there are no words to describe how I feel. I received the M.U.G award at work today. Very unexpected. Definitely assured and comforted. Award giving ceremony was casual, with only a few partners and our DM. Even then, of all the awards I've received in my life so far (including the vice chancellor's list award which I received twice in front of hundreds of people for achieving top 1% in the whole mechanical engineering course in curtin), never have I ever felt so overwhelmed........ inside.

I truly treasure this award. Thank you Lord.
The award pin :)

Love feels BEST when shared :)

Last Saturday (22.05.10), I offered to volunteer in a charity event for the special kids @ PDK. When Hui told me about it, I joined without hesitance as the contribution needed was to HAVE FUN!... Basically, I just went and have a great time with the kids. The rain made us change our plans last minute but it sure didn't stop us from having fun, in fact, it made it BETTER. It's been ages since I've played with water. Super awesome day~! My job was actually to take care of the kids and company them to play but I ended up being one of them too that morning. Again, let the pictures do the talking :) Thanks to Michael for the wonderful pics .

Bouncers, water pools, water guns, bubbles, splashes, running, climbing, sliding, laughters, giggles, soap covered faces & FUN FUN FUN~!
With the coordinators of PDK
Candy Floss
Face Painting
Made new friends too ^^ (who also volunteered). I thank God for big hearted youth in the Miri community :)
Hong Hao
And some other randoms to share :)
And this is me, happily 'Bullied'

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rest Day 24.05.10 Project

My rest day project - #117 Starbucks Partner CnC Board. Our existing board is kinda worn out and I offered to make one for our store. Bascially I'm using same idea with the one I made for SP2. Coffee pegs and all. Ryan was so sweet and thoughtful to offer to help. He came straight after work to my place to work on our project :)

Carefully sticking the double sided tape and stick the boards together.
Sticking the pegs :)
Ryan came out with this title. I think it's pretty cool and creative!
Almost done
Finished @ store with the stickers
Process of erecting the board ^^
And the board is up~! Got the closing partners to take pictures with it. Super cute kan? Hehehe...
I thank God for the inspiration. Looking forward for more. Neways, share with you all a quote that inspires me :)
Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
Ralph Waldo Emerson, US Essayist & Poet, 1803-1882

Monday, May 24, 2010

Rest Day 24.05.10

Seriously down with migraine.... Urgh~! It got pretty bad last night and I had to leave early from work. After 7 months in Sbux, this is my first MC. However, I am thankful for it, as without it, I wouldn't have known how considerate my partners (Joyce, Esther and Jeremy) are, who offered to help me finish my closing tasks. It made me feel so warm.

However, my day got better with Mummy's home made burgers. I don't have much appetite but it still taste pretty damn good :) I only took pictures when most of it is done already, so missed out the meat making process part. :p K nuff said, let the picture do the rest of the talking... :)

Mummy slicing the bread
Butter spreaded...... mmmm............
Pan fried a little...... ^^
The fillings :)
Everything put together
and whoalah~! yum yum yum
Grandma: you want some? ^^
*chomp! chomp! chomp!*
After only 15 minutes :p
Then after just sat in the living room and relax. I like sitting next to grandma cuz I can hold her hand like this. And once in a while she'll squeeze my hand. Her legs are weak but damn, her grab is so strong that sometimes I can almost hear my knuckles :p
^^ Hehehe


I'm not a taiwanese, but I truly love this song. Lyrics so beautifully written :) Then with the heart-touching video, Jolin's sweet voice, played along with the handwritten lyrics... all these fused together makes the MV oh so............ breathtaking~~~~..... think my heart beat just stopped a few times there :p


那長春藤攀上 生繡的消防栓
像蝴蝶離不開 有花香的地方
寧靜的小巷 像一杯永和豆漿
我在細細品嘗 恬淡的家鄉

霓虹燈點亮 關於夜市的想像
孩子們捉迷藏 在找愛吃的糖
昏黃的夕陽 龍山寺的老牆
我虔誠點著香 手拿一柱希望

少一點傷痕 多一點的掌聲
少一點戰爭 多一點的單純
認真用棒球魂 揮汗去體會青春
用心聽著 那台灣的心跳聲

嘉南平原等待收割 一整遍幸福的顏色
屏東黑鮪魚直接等待快樂 一路蜿蜒的是淡水河
那陡峭的是太魯閣 一派樂天的性格
美濃紙傘怎麼折 三義木雕怎麼刻
我說親愛親愛的 我們故事說到這

那長春藤攀上 生繡的消防栓
像蝴蝶離不開 有花香的地方
寧靜的小巷 像一杯永和豆漿
我在細細品嘗 恬淡的家鄉

霓虹燈點亮 關於夜市的想像
孩子們捉迷藏 在找愛吃的糖
昏黃的夕陽 龍山寺的老牆
我虔誠點著香 手拿一柱希望

少一點仇恨 多一點的我們
用狂草寫雲門 用蜂炮築一座城
媽祖永恆 世世代代的虔誠
天燈冉冉上升 可以許下願望就別等

Monday, May 17, 2010

Angel-sent Gifts

Marlene found some Miri-made recycled papers in Jazz Fes and it's so sweet of her to share what she bought with me ^^ and she bought a card for me too! I really have a thing for recycled papers and I've got plenty of ideas for them too. If only I got more rest days to experiment them! haha. Check out the cut out pattern, the texture and the colors..... love every bit of them~!.... but most of all, I love the encouragement and warmth i feel wrapped inside this card. Thank you Marlene, for always being such an angel :D