Tuesday, October 21, 2014



Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Woots!! ROCKstar for Retrosketches #132

Wow! So unexpected!! This is the first time I'm a Rockstar for retrosketch (or any other challenges actually).  I know this comes a little late but thanks so much for making my day!! 

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Handmade Parcel to Taiwan

Teacher Josephine is a dear friend and mentor who has recently moved to Taiwan.  She is always so supportive and encouraging on my works  - buying my cards in bulk and visiting the coffee place I worked a lot before she moved.  Lately she saw my hand drawn coaster for my work place and loved it.  And so I drew half a dozen and delivered it over to her with a simple little card.  Hope the handmade parcel will put a smile on her face :) 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Gratitude Day 8

1. Thank God my off day fell on a public holiday so I can be home when my sister is home (I barely see her when I'm working) and our whole family can have dinner together.  Also thank God for a good boss who didn't request me to go back work today because it was a busy day.

2. Thank God I'm healthy where I can cook for my family and help out with chores around the house.

3. Thank God for the cool comfy rainy weather.

4. Thank God Ah Po still can walk on her own and go out with us.  Thank God for good parking spaces whenever I bring Ah Po out.  I KNOW these are NOT coincidence.

5. Thank God parents back from Marudi trip safely and heard stories of how they had a good time there.

6. Thank God for parents' close friends esp Uncle Choo Sin and Uncle De Xin family who occassionally drop by our place to hang out with my parents and giving us lots of joy and laughter and good company.

7. Thank God for my cosy craft room and the quiet evening where I can have some quality time of my own to recharge and reminisce the day and think of thankful thoughts.

A picture of my roasted pork attempt.  Didn't get the crispy skin as expected but taste is still good.