Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Kissed Dating Goodbye

by Joshua Harris

Another review of a book I just read and would like to recommend. Again, the title was the thing that attracted me and got me to buy it. Don't get the title wrong, its not about never dating again. So what's it about, you may ask. Read it yourself! Hahaha

I had just gotten out of a relationship when I bumped into this book. The guy was the first in a series of my bf's (yea, I sound like play girl hor? :P) who I had a picture of getting married to one day. But feelings and illusive imaginary "images" like these had no trouble fooling me. After that I learnt my lesson that despite being a sentimental and emotional person, I should not to trust my feelings completely. So after I read the preview, I thought: yea, I think I need help in this. 'Why am I always failing in relationships?, I wonder. 'I'm always take relationships seriously but why it'll never work out for me?' Before I first dated, I thought I would be a 'good' girlfriend (not wife, but girlfriend). But when my last relationship turned into a disaster, I seriously doubt that I would EVER get along with any guy anymore. I'm great with guy friends but I have to admit I suck with boyfriends.

I'm glad I found this book. It shows that my dating attitude was wrong before. I was never ready to commit to marriage, and yet there I was throwing myself into relationships because the crush was too huge to resist and that I enjoyed being in the "moment". What is going to happen after that, I have no idea. Even with the guy I had picture getting married to, it was also something I felt for the unknown future and in reality I knew I had things to do and was not ready to settle down. Also, in my past relationships I was in for a self centered relationship. I was focused on what a guy can give me, how he can fulfill my needs and how he can suit my lifestyle. As a result, I've hurt all the guys I've dated. I feel really sorry but I know I can never unwind things anymore.

After reading this, I'm thankful that my last bf had broke up with me. Even though when it happened, I kinda blame him for doing this to me :P But now I'm glad God has given me another chance to make things right. God knowsI want my relationship and marriage to glorify God and I want someone to want the same things as I do. Now I know unless I put God the center of my relationship, or else my relationships will never turn out right. I'm really thankful I'm given this chance again :) Also, I've stop looking and wondering who is the one. I've not been single for almost a decade. So I'm gonna enjoy my single life now and let God be my middle person this time ^^ So, yep the next time I'm in a relationship, it'll be the time I'm ready to pursue marriage and spend the rest of my life with this man.

Below is a video of the author introducing his book. Also I found an article related posted by a friend in facebook. It's called "Stop test driving your girlfriend". I know this article is written for guys, but I think it works for the ladies too, at least it did for me :P
Click here to read

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wonderful Market - Pipiteer Gathering

Just a little advertisement here. I will be selling some cards at the Wonderful Market this Sunday. Thanks to Joan and Shi Min for making this possible for me :) Details of the market as follow:

Date: 03.05.09 (Sunday)
Venue: Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur (Level 7 , near Theme Park entrance)
Time: 11am - 8pm

There will other crafty stuffs for sale. Feel free to come and look see look see ya. See you there ;)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mom's Birthday (Part 1)

Went back home last weekend for my mum's birthday as a little surprise :) Made her these set of art frames, even though my house is seriously out of wall space to hang anything :P One of it is a mother's day gift, which is not due in another 2 weeks but I decide to give it together anyway. Look nicer together ^^ The last picture was taken exactly on my mum's birthday when the clock strikes twelve. I have more pictures of my visit this year. Hope I have time to blog them all. Busy week this week. Rushing cards for Wonderful Market at Time Squares this Sunday :) I'm very excited about that ^^
By the way, I got the poems from here.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Evelyn's Farewell

We had a farewell party for an accounting colleague of mine, Evelyn, last week. Being the PIC, I bought a gift (mickey mp3 which I know is something she'll like), made a card and ordered some Domino's pizza to munch. Just some pictures to share below :)

I love the layout from Sheetload April 09 Issue so I decided to make the card using it.

Mamabliss - Curvy Wurvy Clutch Giveaway

Mamabliss blog hopped to my blog last week and invited me to join her blog candy give away ^^. More candies luck trying out. Hahaha. Very cute pouch :)

Click here for more details.

Debbie's Blogoversary Candy

I found out about some yummy candies from Ying. Wow, this sure is hard to resist, even though I'm normally not lucky :P This candy is from Debbie, who's giving away to celebrate her one year blogoversary.

Click here for more details.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

How Starbucks Saved My Life

by Michael Gates Gill
On my way back home yesterday morning, I picked up this book from the airport bookstore as probably "smthing interesting to read" in the plane. Being a coffee lover and Starbucks fan myself (even though its considered a 'luxury' for me), the title and the book cover caught my attention the very first minute I saw it. After reading the review, I got more interested. I normally don't spend on books like this where I'll wait until book fairs to spend, but I bought this anyway :)

I'm half way reading this now, and I'm loving it already. This is a true story about a white American old man who had it all, lose it all, and gain it all back. It talks about how his life changed when he started to work in starbucks, with totally different circles of people, at a totally different environment, of a totally different "class" in society. He came to a state in life where he never would have imagined he would ever be at. And yet, here he learnt his most valuable lessons and gain his most significant experience in life :)

His experience has certainly changed some perspectives of mine, or make me think twice about some of my views. Stepping into my late twenties now, sometimes I figure life has already been more or less "set" for me by now - that I'll be leading certain kind of life (an engineer, even though many a times I hope not), in a certain kind of way (personalities, habits etc), within a certain kind of circle (families, friends) etc. But this guy here, Michael Gill Gates a.k.a Mike, experienced his changing point of life at the age of sixty four! After what I've read at this point, I've learnt that anything could happen at any stage of life. Nothing is set. Also I learnt from his experience that work is dignity, instead of responsibility or obligation, which mainly the society (including me) sees it.

That's so much I'll share for now about this book. Can't wait to finish it. Here's some interviews of Mike. His story is being or has been made into a film (Tom Hanks starring as Mike), but I've never heard of it. Will try to check it out. Tom Hank's movies are not bad :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Papier Love Blog Candy

Found another blog candy by Papier Love. :P Papier Love is a local store located at the Curve, Damansara. I will drop by once in a while and get some goodies there. Oh, I got my square scallop punch there :P Pretty cool huh?

And so this is their April blog candy. I'm trying my luck again. :) Click here for more details.

Ok, gonna do some crafting now. Will post my new projects soon. Stay tuned :P

Some Blogoversary Candy

I came across Bev's blog through Vivienne. She's giving out some yummy goodies for her blogoversary. Hehehe. So I'm joining in the fun (pok yi pok), even though I think chances of winning is low (1150 participants already, imagine that!)... Anyways, its really kind of her. Check it out and hurry up if you are interested. Due date's tomorrow :P

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Exalting Christ Blog Award

Thank you Marlene for this award! This is an important assurance for me. I have struggled my whole life to have a good testimony in my daily life, and to be the 'salt and light'. I tend to be dragged away by the patterns of world which I'm not so proud of. Also, I've always felt I'm no good in sharing the gospel and bringing people to christ, mainly because I'm not good in talking and also I don't how to go about bringing in the topic. But then when I started blogging, I find it natural to share my thoughts about Christ here, even though sometimes I wonder it has any impact on the readers :P. Anyways, I hope blogging can be a link to between me and the world to share about christ and get people to know about HIM. God, I'm willing, I'm willing, please use me and my blog. (sounds like a wierd thing to ask, because when I imagine God, I never would imagine him as a God who's into computer stuff, let alone to say blogging :P)

Ok, enough blabbering, here's something about the award:
Diane Noble is the great lady who introduced the new blog award. in her words, "it is given to bloggers who consistently exalt the name of Christ on their blogs. What a joy to see crafters blend their passion for Christ and papercrafting. This award is given to bloggers who share Christ through their posts or through the design of their artwork. We are commanded in Scripture to be 'salt and light' sharing the Good News of Jesus no matter where we are (Matthew 5:13-16). This award is just a way members of Women to Women: Sharing Jesus can say thanks for exalting Christ with us!"

Post the blog award in a regular post on your blog with the explanation, including the original link to WTW and the rules for passing the award along
1. Name five people (more or less is fine!) to whom you want to offer this award and link to their blogs. The blogs need to obviously exalt Christ in some manner.
2. Contact the bloggers you have named to let them know they can pick up their blog award from you.
3. Invite them to permanently display the WTW blog badge and/or the award on their blogs. The badge can be obtained on the WTW site.

Well, sad to say, I dont have any recipient at the moment except Marlene, who nominated me :P. I find her blog inspiring and I'm a very loyal follower. Haha. Keep it going Marlene. Hope we can find more recipients soon ya :)

Goodies goodies

Last week was a week of goodies for me ^^ I got the lovely brads from Marlene. Wa... so excited. Dat night, I put them beside my bed and admire them to sleep. Hahaha (ok, crazy I know..)

The next day I got another pleasant surprise... postcard from Beijing!!...... from... Marlene again. Hahaha... Yayaya, you'll see this name often in my blog. Sometimes I don't even feel necessary to do linking already cuz its becoming so common :p Marlene, i'll keep this 'evidence' properly de ^^ My first postcard from China... wa....
And along with the postcard, I received my award from the Show Us Your Sheetload March 09. Can you imagine it, me receiving parcel at work, wondering what it is.. no mood to work.. Hahaha. Apart from the award of micl papers, ribbons and embellishments, Alicia was soo kind and sweet to throw in an idea book from Close to my Heart. WOW...... !! Thank you soo much :) Its a pity I don't have enough time for crafting.... so much ideas but so little time to spare on this... grrrr........ And so these babies joined the brads beside my bedside that night... hahaha..... It's been a week already, but I'm still excited about these babies. ^^

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Someone is Praying for You

I'm the 关怀 (caring) in the committee for our church's Youth Fellowship and I hope to promote the "love one another" environment in the fellowship. So I made these little note cards (with words "Someone is praying for you") and plan to play the angel game tonight. Tonight's game will be slightly different. First of all, this is going to last for a month. I made a little form for them to list down their prayer item and each of them will randomly draw each other's names. Whomever you draw, you will have to care for this person for a month. To start with, they can give the note card I've prepared and pray for this person in their daily lives. If they have the initiative to take further steps, I've prepared a post box for them to throw in little gifts or notes through out the month. I've thought of another challenge for them, that is to find out something bout this person that everybody don't know. How to reveal that, I'll blog again next month. :)
Well, I got my inspiration to run this activity from the Big Book as follows:

The whole Law can be summed up in this one command: 'Love others as you love yourself' Galatians 5:14 (LB)

When we have the apportunity to help anyone, we should do it. But we should give special attention to those who are in the family of believers. Galatians 6:10 (NCV)

Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too. Phillipians 2:4 (NLT)

So this is not an option but a command :) We should care for others but ESPECIALLY brothers and sisters in christ. Well, I'm gonna urge brothers and sisters to commit themselves to care and understand others, starting from each other in the fellowship. Caring for others is not as simple as people think it would be, as we are naturally self centered and tend to think for ourselves first. Caring takes effort, tolerance, and sometimes sacrifices and conflicts that might hurt. I'm still not sure how to talk them into it (as I feel I have NO skill in talking / persuading or influencing of any kind) but I'll let God do his thingy lah. :) Hehehe.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baby Gundam Born (Part 2)

I promised to post more photos of the finished gundam with fine edges lines drawn. So here we are - my first completed gundam :) Not a very good first job, but with the photo quality like these, I don't think you can tell :P Hahaha. I'm not gonna 'promote' gundam this time, just some pictures to share. Oh, and my baby gundam met jay chou on my table :P Hope they are getting along well. Hehehehe.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Birthday (Part 7)

Yep.... Part 7.... PART SEVEN BABEH!!!!...... Ok, this post is a little late, but I still want to post this. This is a very very very very extremely wonderful gift from my mum - my very first GIANT punch... a square scallop punch! Woohoo!!... I was so excited when I got this. Wa....... When I came out of the shop, I felt like a kid again. Its like mummy has bought a great big expensive toy for me that I've beg for but didnt expect to get. This is the same feeling as I was ten or so.

I'm gonna play with this soon. Square scallops on the way!! Watch out people!! Hehehe.

Last but not least, thanks ah mi.... Hugz.

Cards in April (Part 2)

I designed some stamps last week and got it fabricated. I was too busy last week so I only got to play with them this week :) Well, the outcome is not as satisfactory but I guess its ok still. Important is that the card can get the message through. :)


Card Stock: Brazzill - Canvas, brown, daisy, LT Chow

Patterned Paper: Doodle bug - Bumblebee swiss dot, Chatterbox - Scrapbook walls/Dark Choc Swirl

Stamp: Shera's Design - Gambateh

Embellishment: White flower, brown 8mm brads

Tools: Round punch, scallop punch, edge punch

Show Us Your Sheetload April 09

With just a blink, its time for Show Us Your Sheetload April 09. I was very surprised to have won the runner up for the March challenge :) So, here is my try this month. I got idea to make flowers like these from The Paper Caper. She has some very lovely cards.

Oh, this month's prize is soo nice... very cute stamps. Check it out if you're interested and I urge you to join ^^ All the best ya!


Card Stock: Brazzill - DK Sky, Daisy, Natural, Splash

Patterned Paper: Doodlebug - Blue Jeans, Scrapbook Walls - Sky Ticking

Stamp: Shera's Design - How'd ya doin

Ink: Black

Embellishment: Blue button, blue 8mm brad, cream ribbon, straw string (local supply)

Tools: Round punch, star punch, edge punch