Saturday, February 27, 2010

Something I had not had in Years

This is something that I can't find in KL. And I always forget to eat this whenever I come back last time. Today suddenly remembered this and went to have it in a very familiar mee stall @ Pujut 2 that we've been visiting since I was a kid.

AAhhhh~~~~ Wa Tan Tomato Mee..... Finally I had you.... ^^
*Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!*..... *Slurps*~~~~~

Thursday, February 25, 2010


今天从Jason那里发现这首歌。 歌词写得很棒。。棒在它真实的来,还很‘漂亮’。




沒那麼簡單 就能找到 聊得來的伴
尤其是在 看過了那麼多的背叛
總是不安 只好強悍

沒那麼簡單 就能去愛 別的全不看
變得實際 也許好也許壞各一半
不愛孤單 一久也習慣
不用擔心誰 也不用被誰管

別人說的話 隨便聽一聽 自己作決定
在周末晚上 關上了手機 舒服窩在沙發裡

相愛沒有那麼容易 每個人有他的脾氣
過了愛作夢的年紀 轟轟烈烈不如平靜
幸福沒有那麼容易 才會特別讓人著迷
曾經最掏心 所以最開心 曾經

想念最傷心 但卻最動心 的記憶

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stuff that Makes the Day Counts

Reached home from work SUPER late, SUPER tired and SUPER hungry today. Mummy's instant mee saved my life ^^ Don't know what flavour or brand it is, but I don't care. It's one of the BEST mee I've ever had.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Family Night

I was supposed to work closing today but so coincidently a partner switched with me for middle shift. Being an owl, I normally prefer working closing so I can sleep late but somehow today I'm glad I got middle shift then got to spend time with my family at night.

My parents wanted to go to the CNY night market for jalan jalan... The CNY market is a thingy we have in Miri every year. I hate crowds actually and don't really bother about CNY stuff. But its not about the market, its about spending time and walking with them :)

Before jalan jalan, we went for a late dinner. I suggested the restaurant @ imperial - mainly because of the live music there. And coffee there is good :p

Nothing special, just a simple night... but I enjoyed tonight - unexpectedly.
They are AWESOME~! Thanks to Sandy for introducing them to me :)
Snapping some random shots
And then the market
And guess who I bumped into @ the night market... ^^ She was one of my favourite teacher. She's good ... and her class is never boring :) ..... and wow it's been 10 years since I graduated from secondary school....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Goodbye KL

Throughout all these years in KL, I've always taken taxi to the airport when I fly home. Unexpectedly, on my last trip, someone offers to drive me. *Touched* Thanks MJ, Ainee and Shih Yeen for accompanying me through the night and flying me off. and I hope Azura is feeling better already :(
This is one of the most heavy heartfelt moments I've ever faced. I kinda expected myself to get emotional, esp when I'm alone at the airport already. But again, unexpectedly, I met 3 cute kids (of a brother in church) to keep me company until I had to board. And by the time I got on the plane I was so exhausted that I just doze off and had no energy to emo anymore :)