Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Featured Artist

I’m very honored to be chosen to be the featured artist for Scrap-n-Crop for the month of July and August. In fact, I’m still trying to believe it. Hehe.

I got to know Scrap-n-Crop from some random surfing and was amazed to learn the vast materials and tools they supply. And when I visited their abode, I was blown away by the many ‘toys’ I see – every wall, every corner and every space was filled with them, walking space was minimized to the max where you can find stuff at the sides of the staircase even……oh, I was in Heaven and wished I could stay there forever.. haha :D Since my first visit in 2009, Scrap-n-Crop has been the place I shop most for tools and supplies. Even that now I’m back in Sarawak, their efficient online services make my shopping possible and convenient. I was worried earlier that I couldn’t find supplies when I move back.

Neways, it’s so kind of Valerie a.k.a Val to approach me and asked me if I could be their featured artist. Wow, I was trilled! I’m not anywhere close to being a professional, as how many other featured artists are, and yet she thought of me! Thanks again Val, and the rest of the team, for making this possible for me ^^

Feel free to check them out. They've got tonnes of goodies :D

Here are the links

To go to their online shop, click HERE

To go to their SnC's CROP.mmunity (blog), click HERE

To go to my featured post, click HERE

To go to my gallery in their site, click HERE

To Contact them:
Valerie Gan
Email : admin@scrap-n-crop.com
Tel : +6-012-386 2869
Fax : +6-03-8724 2588
Address: 37 Jalan SL 2/2, Bandar Sungai Long, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia
Opening Hours (for abode): By Appointment Only (Please call or e-mail)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fuze Design

Hey, my brother started blogging ^^ I've always been an admirer of his works. Feel free to check it out :) It's got......

photoshop stuff
3D Max stuff
Architecture stuff
Interior stuff
and some tutorials ^^

I think it's cool. Check it out HERE

A Pleasant Evening with Yiing Babeh

I'm super blessed to have 2 best-EST friends :D And all 3 of us agree that our friendship is a miraculous blessing and gift from God. Why? We barely meet over the years (once in 2 years maybe?) and yet somehow our friendship never fades but only grows stronger. Whenever we meet, we never feel the distance and chat like it was yesterday that we've seen each other. ^^ With them, I could be completely transparent and comfortable even when displaying the worst and darkest parts of my life.

Today (22.06.2010), I got to meet up with Yiing after 2 years. Over a cup of chamomile and chrysanthemum tea, we spent our evening with endless chats - of memories 10 years back, present happenings, future plans, and of course, the all time wonder of "wat-if-we-three-were-in-the-same-city" .......Hahaha... All in all, it was a really pleasant evening and I wished it didn't have to end.
Oh, and Yiing got me a gift!..... or should I say...gift[s].. :D She insisted to wrap the present properly before I take a picture. Actually, I opened the present half way in the car, with everything dark and all. Then I decided to open it properly in the cafe so I can take picture :p
And this is it....... in matching paper and ribbons...... LOVE IT! ^^
Opening the present to find.....
A notebook...... and stationaries!!! ^^
It's a matching set!!! (blur me only realized it when I reach home >.<)..... but hey, how awesome is this ey?
I've decided to jot down in this book my ideas/thoughts of something I hold dear in my heart and hoping they will turn into reality one day :) Psst, I've started the first few pages ;p

Thanks again babeh..... love you to bits!! :)

p/s: Gin Li....... BE MORE jealous!.... Hahaha..... ok la, we wished you were here too..... :(