Thursday, July 10, 2014

Finally! Organized my postcards! ^^

This is one of those things which I've always wanted to do but just kept on hold because there is always something more important and urgent to do. But this is something I think about doing everyday! (I know you might think I'm crazy). I'd tell myself wait till you have some free time then you do this but the thing is ill NEVER have free time.  So today despite having 'more important' things on the list, I decided to 'make myself free' and go ahead and organize my pile.  I sorted them, numbered them, make sure they are dated, and arranged them. What a relief to get it organized finally. 104 postcrossing cards, 12 direct swaps, and some others from families and friends. Thinking of starting a postcard blog to document them... Fingers crossed. ^^ neways, so glad to get this done. Scanning next! Yay!


jjajja said...

Hi Shera,

I found your profile at Postcrossing. It is nice to see how you beautifully arranged all the cards. I think I will start to re-organize all my postcard just like what you did.

Happy Postcrossing!!

tiga lalat said...

nice .. this is the way ;)