Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Handmade Encouragement

Handmade this notebook from scratch - My first attempt of hand sewn book binding :p I found this really useful tutorial on youtube. Feel free to click on the links below if you're interested. And don't be surprised that its in Italian, and nope I don't understand Italian but the visual steps are really clear where he zooms in into the important details of it. So I found this useful compared to the other english speaking ones.

Being his prayer partner, I made this for Ah Boy as an encouragement for his participation in Evangelism class. Well, since its handmade, the book is not perfect where some pages are not aligned and you might find some gaps in between a little. But I would still say, I'm pretty darn proud out this. ^^ Hope this gives him motivation in his 'mission' :D


Rachfaith said...

a really cool one

Janetcraft said...

great book ...very creative!

marlene said...

super nice one :)

vivacela said...

Hahaha..thanks for sharing the link Sheerah. I saw tht too. Becoz he was talking in italian i just turn it off! Will watch again this time.

Whahahahahaha..The book is well made! Keep it up!