Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Power of Positive Thinking

WARNING: This is a Looooooong Post :P

I'm reading a book titled "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale. Actually this is a book i bought on 20th July, 2002 and didn't finish it for some reasons that I don't remember. Then lately, out of the blue, I took it out to read it all over again, hopefully being able to finish it this time :P

Neways, that's the history of the book and me. I'm at chapter 2 now and I came across a very unique practice of a man. It reads:

It is possible, even in the midst of your daily work, to drive confident thoughts into consciousness. Let me tell you about one man who did so by the use of a unique method.

One icy winter morning he called for me at a hotel in a Midwestern city to take me about thirty-five miles to another town to fill a lecture engagement. We got into his car and started off at a rather high rate of speed on the slippery road. He was going a little faster than I thought reasonable, and I reminded him that we had plenty of time and suggested that we take it easy.

"Don't let my driving worry you," he replied. "I used to be filled with all kinds of insecurities myself, but I got over them. I was afraid of everything. I feared an automobile trip or an airplane flight; and if any of my family went away I worried until they returned. I always went around with a feeling that something was going to happen, and it made my life miserable. I was saturated with inferiority and lacked confidence. This state of mind reflected itself in my business and I wasn't doing very well. But I hit upon a wonderful plan which knocked all these insecurity feelings out of my mind, and now I live with a feeling of confidence, not only in myself but in life generally."

This was the "wonderful plan." He pointed to two clips fastened on the instrument panel of the car just below the windshield and, reaching into the glove compartment, took out a pack of small cards. He selected one and slipped it beneath the clip. It read, "If ye have faith...nothing shall be impossible unto you." (Matthew 17:20) He removed that one, shuffled expertly through the cards with one hand as he drove, selected another, and placed it under the clip. This one read, "If God be for us, who can be against us?" (Romans 8:31)

"I'm a traveling salesman," he explained, "and I drive around all day calling on my customers. I have discovered that while a man drives he thinks all kinds of thoughts. If his pattern of thought is negative, he will think many negative thoughts during the day and that, of course, is bad for him; but that is the way I used to be. I used to drive around all day between calls drinking fear and defeat thoughts, and incidentally that is one reason my sales were down. But since I have been using these cards as I drive and committing the words to memory, I have learned to think differently. The old insecurities that used to haunt me are just about all gone, and instead of drinking fear thoughts of defeat and ineffectiveness, 1 think thoughts of faith and courage. It is really wonderful the way this method has changed me. It has helped in my business, too, for how can one expect to make a sale if he drives up to a customer's place of business thinking he is not going to make a sale?"

This plan used by my friend is a very wise one. By filling his mind with affirmations of the presence, support, and help of God, he had actually changed his thought processes. He put an end to the domination of his long held sense of insecurity. His potential powers were set free.

This story inspired me. I'm a very negative thinker, especially when I'm unaware of it. I thought to myself, this is a great way to remind myself to think positively. Norman also mentions that it's a good practice to empty our minds daily. But once emptied, we need somthing to fill it. And what better to fill the space than God's words? Its the MOST positive, good thing you can ever find. :)

And something for the car... now that's practical. With all the crazy jam in KL, I spend a lot of time in my car everyday, thinking negatively. So this will be a good habit to keep my thoughts positive ^^ I spiced up my wooden peg a little (well, if i'm gonna look at it everyday, it better be something nice for the eyes :P), add a ribbon to hang it, then I have this match box which my mum gave me many years ago, all the scriptures inside are encouragement scriptures to be strong..... (this is perfect!)... and taaddaaahh.... here's my 'Light of the Day'


luthien said...

what a GREAT idea shera :)) more ppl need your clip and match in their cars... becoz drivers are mostly either angry, aggressive or dazzed ... all negative. i'm sure there is not one positive thought going thru their minds when they're on the road :)i believe absolutely in positive thinking ... especially when looking for a parking space ;)

phatelara said...

Hi Shera, thank you for sharing something inspirational today. I really needed that, after a day I had. Sometimes I feel that my problems are so big, I forgot to count my blessings, but I guess God will always be there for us.

Not trying to preach here, just speaking for myself. :)

Agnes Sim said... cool~~ u really got lot of idea le... geng!! ^_^

Sheerah said...

thanks for compliments gals... actually its not my idea, i'm just applying someone else' GREAT idea and thought of sharing it here dats all. ^^ Glad it brot some inspiration to you gals as it did for me... hehehe...

p/s: phatelara, no worries. understand that life can be tough :)

marlene said...

U know... I actually.... "selling" all those match man when i was in Beijing :)

Sheerah said...

marlene, wat you mean "selling"? you design one ar?

Wishful Thinking said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :-) To answer your question - Memory Lane is in Invercargill.
Love the encouragment peg you have in your car. Very cool :-)


That's a great positive idea :) and an inspiration to others too ;) JIA YOU!!

Josten said...

Having affirmations to reprogram your mind does work. Also listing to audiotapes helps as well. I truly do like the matches and the woodpeg you've created.
Great blog post as well

Anonymous said...

Good post on power of positive thinking.

karim - Positive thinking