Monday, June 2, 2008

About Me

17th May 2008 - Pandan Youth Fellowship
Today's fellowship we played a game. All of us had a piece of paper stuck to our back and each other member of the fellowship would take turns to write on each other's back what he/she thinks of that person. When all is done, everyone take turns to read aloud their list and to say which comment they like best.
As for my list of what brothers and sisters think of me is:
  • pretty
  • 材竿, 认真
  • 很有艺术细胞! 友善
  • A good piano player
  • 很努力, 也很创意
  • good pianist and creative
  • 很有创意和音乐细bao很好
  • 琴piano钢一极棒!!!
  • play piano 一流
  • knows how to look
  • 背后容易写字 = 很好的朋友
  • 唱歌时,总喜欢有你弹琴
  • you can sing and play piano well
  • creative
  • good

As for the comment i like best: 背后容易写字 = 很好的朋友

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