Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Luzhou!!

Luzhou has been a great friend and shelter in many teenager's life. I'm so glad I have been one of them. With just a blink, it's been 10 years already since its been established. WOW! Since its such a big day, I felt that I should contribute something as I could not make it back already :( So I made this and give to bro and sis in church whose lives have been touched by Luzhou before. I made it following their theme for the celebration "爱, 改变生命 (Love, changes lives)". By the way, they are having a concert in Miri. Those in Miri who are interested can contact Luzhou for more info. Or you could click on the link below (A blog post by Ah Jun, one of the staffs in Luzhou).

Luzhou Concert

A little message for Luzhou:
You have an important place in my heart, as one of my best friendships starts from here. Thanks for companying as I was growing. Thanks for the wonderful memories. May God continue to bless you in influencing teenagers in Miri ^^. Happy Birthday!! Gambateh!!!

Here are some old pictures of a composing competition that we, the Young Dreams, joined. Great memories :) Too bad these are the only ones I have.


约定~只有你和我 said...


lucas@tang said...

Hey, sheera, thank you for your love and support. your blog brings back lots of precious memories! ;-)Glad to see you all have grown up well and become young professional in different fields. Keep it up!!i'm very proud of you all!

cruiyi said...

Oh my goodness... My brother was so slim by the time @@!

Shera said...

we were ALL slim that time. HAHAHA..