Monday, June 8, 2009

Ah Boon's Wedding (Part 1)

I spent the weekend attending a church couple's wedding @ sekinchan, a small town which takes about 2 hours drive to reach. Honestly, I was not all that keen to go at first (due to distance, time and the fact that I have my own stuff to do) but I'm glad I made it. It feels great to give, and I know by going is obeying. If I choose to obey what God wants me to do, I believe he'll take care of the rest of my needs.
When there is a need (for myself), plant a seed (for others) - Rick Warren

Well, some picture to share here. More to come yea :)


Ah Sian said... uncle pointing at who o???

Shera said...

dats ur uncle?? din know wor...