Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Day Out with Brewhousers

Started the day by waking up early making this "healthy" (well, all things healthy except for the bacon) brekkie for my sis.  

Then went to the market to do some shopping and back into the kitchen again to make lunch, with jazz music and tiger beer on the sides.  This is how I enjoy cooking. ^^
Then brought homemade lunch to Brewhouse to celebrate Nikki's birthday.  She likes soup and it's been a while since she had home made soup, so that's the reason I decided to cook a simple lunch for her as a birthday present, well sort of.  After that we spent the afternoon singing Karaoke, watching movie, then dinner with wine.  Wine and dinner was our boss' treat.  Woots! ^^   It's been a while since I go out whole day like this.  Naturally I'm quite stingy with giving away my time to people (especially my off days which are so precious to have my own time), but these smiles on the faces assure me that my time spent for them today is well worth it.  Tiring day, but awesome day.  More pictures of the day below (Photo Credit: Nikki)

Then giving my day a great end is knowing that the coffee I ordered (Square Mile Coffee Roasters - El Meridiano) from UK has arrived at my friend's door!  Can't wait to try this "sweet" espresso.  I wonder how sweet can it be.

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