Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Somewhat Productive Rest Day

Yesterday was my rest day and I spent my day relaxing and making this conversation and bulletin board for our store. I got the inspiration from our coffee stickers to make coffee tags which will be used to clip our notices like you're hanging your cloths. I made the board coffee color too to give a more coffee taste to it. Hehehe...
Close up's of the board titles and coffee pegs. Aren't the stickers just lovely? I love them so much!
And the logo pegs and 5 Be's Cards. Every Starbucks partners has a green apron book introducing the 5 Be's:
  • Be Welcoming
  • Be Genuine
  • Be Knowledgeable
  • Be Considerate
  • Be Involved
All partners are to practice these 5 Be's and to encourage other partners to do so. And when one observe another partner practicing one of these 5 Be's, he/she could award the partner by presenting that particular "Be" card with a personal note at the back saying how the partner has practiced it and how it's being appreciated.
And this is the board filled up. Hmmm.... looks packed... think I need to modify it a bit :P And with this board, there goes my somewhat productive rest day :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm Certified! ^^

Some more experiences in Starbucks to share here :) I was certified barista last Sunday (a little later than expected, but YEAH!) I went through training (theory, class and practical) for a month. After training is done, my store manager, MJ, did the final certification by asking me to make the four core starbucks drinks - cappucino, latte, mocha and caramel macchiato. He also asked me other questions... to make sure I know what I've learnt in the past 1 month. And then.. whoalah! I'm a certified Starbucks barista! ^^
Oh, and just some other random pictures about starbucks which I took. This is a coffee passport and we have stickers for each coffee to stick in it. Obviously I collected more :P I just love stickers! Haha...
And this is my partner Simone washing the bar mat, armed with her special water-proofed apron. Hehehe.

Learning to be Thankful

It's been a while since I've updated this blog. Well, been lazy and procrastinating a lot.....Oops :P Neways, was thinking about what to blog. Got some pictures and stuff going to write about, but just lazy to edit pictures. I'm even reluctant to take out my camera and transfer the pictures. Gosh... really need to kill that lazy bug in me!

Anyways, I was surfing youtube and found this on the front page. Inspiring reminder from a kid. And I took a moment to think about things that I'm thankful for.... :)

Here's what I'm thankful for :)

I'm far away from family, but I'm thankful I have a family to miss and a great one of that.

I'm thankful for my job, which I love. I never thought this could happen to me - doing what I love. I'm thankful for good partners, cute customers, and fun work :)

I'm going broke, but I'm thankful I'm not broke YET! ^^ Even though I don't get to shop for materials and tools like I used to, I'm thankful I still get to enjoy card making. Now's the time to be creative! Making beautiful things with limited supplies ^^

I'm thankful for my church. Even though it's forty minutes drive away, there's no other place in KL that could feel more like home.

I'm thankful for all that I have and all that I don't have. After all, I have the most important thing - that is God in my life, and I'm thankful for that. :)

What are you thankful for?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas is here in Starbucks!

Yep yep, doing promo for Starbucks again :P.... Christmas is here in starbucks!!! Wooohooo~~!!! It's the biggest annual event for starbucks. We have christmas drinks, christmas food, christmas merchandised stuff, christmas T-shirts for baristas, christmas packaging, christmas cups etc etc...... Oh, its all so exciting! I just can't help falling in love... its two of my favourite things combined - christmas and starbucks... how can I not get excited? ^^

I took a few quick shots after working hours today. Tried to be as fast as possible :P Our theme this year is "Permission to Wish".... and we have these four words "Wish, Hope, Love, Peace" in all our designs.... :)
This is our store deco. Oh, I was so excited to put up the deco ^^ I helped to drew on the chalk boards too, introducing our christmas blend coffee. It was fun! Hope I'll have chance to take close up pictures though :P
Stuff for sale. Oh, I really need to control myself, if not my wallet's gonna be sooo sooo screwed!
Our Christmas coffee and tea... both has very unique flavours ^^ and check out the cups, paper bags and stuff... its all christmas themed..... dat is so cool ^^

Xiao Li's Farewell

Xiao Li is a training bible college student in our fellowship. Joining our fellowship is one of her practical assignment. She's shy and quiet, but very hardworking and willing to serve. She does all these little tasks among us like preparing breakfast, waking us up on Sunday's, arrange hymn books and bibles, washes the dishes... etc ... Things that many of us neglect or forget to do, you'll find her doing it shortly.... and quietly. You might not notice her presence, but you'll definitely feel her absence. There was this time she went back for holidays and there was no one to arrange books and we all woke up very very late. :P Last Saturday was her last week with us, and we wanted to surprise her with a little farewell party. So this is what we did :)

First we got ready by signing off the card, and chilling and chit chatting.... act like normal ma ^^ Then everybody took turn to share how they feel about xiao li and say their thank you's. Then we sang a song for her and had pizzas ^^

I'm really glad xiao li has come to our fellowship. May God continue to bless her in her final studies and her serving in the future as a pastor. She is a blessing.
Glad she liked the card. Hehe. Ai Ting knitted the flowers for me... nice right? ^^
Pizza party ^^
A song we sang for her. May God bless her in her future.