Thursday, November 5, 2009

Xiao Li's Farewell

Xiao Li is a training bible college student in our fellowship. Joining our fellowship is one of her practical assignment. She's shy and quiet, but very hardworking and willing to serve. She does all these little tasks among us like preparing breakfast, waking us up on Sunday's, arrange hymn books and bibles, washes the dishes... etc ... Things that many of us neglect or forget to do, you'll find her doing it shortly.... and quietly. You might not notice her presence, but you'll definitely feel her absence. There was this time she went back for holidays and there was no one to arrange books and we all woke up very very late. :P Last Saturday was her last week with us, and we wanted to surprise her with a little farewell party. So this is what we did :)

First we got ready by signing off the card, and chilling and chit chatting.... act like normal ma ^^ Then everybody took turn to share how they feel about xiao li and say their thank you's. Then we sang a song for her and had pizzas ^^

I'm really glad xiao li has come to our fellowship. May God continue to bless her in her final studies and her serving in the future as a pastor. She is a blessing.
Glad she liked the card. Hehe. Ai Ting knitted the flowers for me... nice right? ^^
Pizza party ^^
A song we sang for her. May God bless her in her future.

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marlene said...

just realised.. still the same cloth for the piano! Ey.. time to wash ya :D :p