Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas is here in Starbucks!

Yep yep, doing promo for Starbucks again :P.... Christmas is here in starbucks!!! Wooohooo~~!!! It's the biggest annual event for starbucks. We have christmas drinks, christmas food, christmas merchandised stuff, christmas T-shirts for baristas, christmas packaging, christmas cups etc etc...... Oh, its all so exciting! I just can't help falling in love... its two of my favourite things combined - christmas and starbucks... how can I not get excited? ^^

I took a few quick shots after working hours today. Tried to be as fast as possible :P Our theme this year is "Permission to Wish".... and we have these four words "Wish, Hope, Love, Peace" in all our designs.... :)
This is our store deco. Oh, I was so excited to put up the deco ^^ I helped to drew on the chalk boards too, introducing our christmas blend coffee. It was fun! Hope I'll have chance to take close up pictures though :P
Stuff for sale. Oh, I really need to control myself, if not my wallet's gonna be sooo sooo screwed!
Our Christmas coffee and tea... both has very unique flavours ^^ and check out the cups, paper bags and stuff... its all christmas themed..... dat is so cool ^^


Agnes Sim said...

yoyo...u r so excited n enjoy ur working life now wo.. :p

Joyce C. said...

Not of a fan of Starbucks coffee (I suck at ordering java... meh). But their products are nice to look at! Lucky you to be in such a creative environment. XD

Anonymous said...

so envy of u for being able to get a job that u love doing it...tat's the best job in this world!!

i wan the starbucksssss diaryyyyyy...arghhh...lolz..i going to die of getting hypernate with coffee...:(

Anonymous said...

which starbucks u working at? :)

Sheerah said...

hey Lim, nice to meet you. Do you craft too? hehe... i'm working at sunway pyramid starbucks (new wing) :)

Anonymous said...

yoo Sheerah, yeah, i did some crafts, but not as keng as u and agnes they all..i only casual crafter..lolz...i apa pun nak learn, tapi not pro in any of it...*sigh*

oh really??? but hor, i hardly go to sunway pyramid...very sien with the traffic jam..lolz...^__^ but i prefer starbucks than kopi bean..^__* so nice lar u, can work at the job that u this u dun have to drag ur body to work EVELIDAY beh sien!