Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Randoms #4 - Blessings ^^

Random 1: Friday 11.06.10
Almost forgot to blog about this. Geez, how I can forget something so sweet? My bad :p Anyways, I received new stamps from Marlene!!!! ^^ together with a unique card that has espresso truffles recipe at the back. Hehehe. We are all very busy people, and yet she remembers me when she buy new stamps.... super sweet :D I've always wanted to buy some bible verses stamps.... and God gave me some through an angel ^^ I can't wait to get my hands on them, on cardmaking.... and of course the espresso truffles. Wonder who would wana be my experimental 'white rat'? :p
The recipe
Random 2: Saturday 12.06.10
I have been coughing non stop for a week now. Dad bought this for me. I know its nothing special to brag about, but I want to jot this down here so I won't forget these little drops of blessings in my life ^^
Random 3: Monday 14.06.10
and grandma gave me these for my cough :D
Random 4: Wednesday 16.06.10
The wheelchair we booked for grandma arrived. She seems happy with it. Check out that smile ^^ Now we are all ready to go 'gai gai' liao... hehehe.. Need to check out wheel chair drop spots in public places tho :)

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marlene said...

i can be white chubby rat!