Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My First Starbucks Card

I got a new collection~! ^^ Decided to start collecting these... and got WanLong who got to visit Taiwan for some student exchange program (still soooooo SUPER jealous lo~!!) to bring these back for me :D

I really love Starbucks packaging ^^
Starbucks Cards!! ^^
and taiwanese receipts ^^
We met at tanjung to lim teh so he could pass me these :D My self-picture-taking skill really...... senget. Hahaha. If MingYung was here, the picture would have been MUCH better. Too bad he couldn't make it.
And he bought this for me - an ornament of the native tribe there. Decided to goof around with the picture a bit. It's a song's lyrics :) Thank you WanLong for the help and the gift. Appreciate it very much :)

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