Wednesday, August 3, 2016

First Day in Maker Cafe ^^

Just some bits and pieces of my first day that I thought I'd record here.

25.04.2016 - Badge was done. @.@  ... need so soon ma I thought, as I haven't agreed to join that time.  Ting whatsapped me this picture.

01.08.2016 - The day before my first day.  Ting prepared my uniform for me at the back room and whatsapped me this picture. :')  She is always the thoughtful one.

Barely slept that night.  Too excited I guess and also the fear that I might oversleep and don't have enough time to get chores done before I go to work. Hehe.

02.08.2016 - Had breakfast together at Pujut 2.
The morning started with heavy rain, you know that perfect weather to be tucked in bed.  But then these guys got up and got out early to have breakfast with me.  ^^

What should I call this?  Erm...ok. "Officiating the uniform" it is.

His shift is only 2pm but end up 莫名其妙 had a full day shift.  

Orang sakit.  Get well soon. ^^

Goofin' around. 

It was a simple first day.  Rather quiet shift to start with.  Oh! They even played [幸福] as opening song. I used to play this song in Brewhouse during opening shifts.  Appreciate the gesture to make me feel welcomed and belonged.  The day started with getting familiarized with the place and some of the systems.  In between orders, we even managed to play some music and sing some songs.  Wish we could do that more :p  Before I left, Fung bought some magnets and we played with that a little and left Hanry to serve orders alone.  I know there is probably not much significance to this event but I just feel like recording it down because its fun.  Haha.  Oh well, thats so much for my first day.  Looking forward to many more to come.  ^^ 

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