Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mary's Wedding Card

30th March 2008 - Mary's Wedding

Mary has always been a great big sister to our youngsters in church. To me personally, she was the one who drove me to church when I first came to KL and has no car. Also did she brot me for nice foods and introduced me to pasar malam in KL. She was one of the important people who helped me get on my feet when I first came to work in KL. To me she's one of the angels that God has sent and I've always been grateful.

Now that she is getting married, we all rejoice together with her. Together with the cards above signed by brothers and sisters in Pandan, we bought her an oven as wedding gift and house warming gift (one stone hit 2 birds =p). Hope the oven will be practical though.
Anyways, I'd like to wish Mary all the happiness in her marriage. May God bless her marriage and that she and Jackson will always 甜甜密密, 白头到老.

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