Monday, October 13, 2008


Christmas 2007 I got this idea to remember my friends (some friends and some are my teachers/mentors) by handmaking something for them. I find it sweet to handmake instead of buying. So I bought this little teddies and doggies (i'm not that good to hand make these la.. ahem...:p) and then i handmade the boxes. And thanks to Iggy for taking some nice 'professional' pictures for me.. fancy huh?
Also i made some candy packs for my colleagues at work. Just a thought to create some christmas mood in the company even though most are muslims there. hahaha. Glad they enjoyed it. The last picture is the group picture of presents I got for everybody (my family and friends). Christmas is the greatest season / festival. I enjoy giving presents and sharing the joy during this time. Can't wait for this year to come. ^^


marlene said...

wow, all are made with love!

Shera said...

yeap ^^ christmas is the season to share love. The teddy i posted one for you. The top picture is actually yours, but i think it got lost somewhere in the air :(