Tuesday, October 7, 2008


We had a memorable celebration for Ruidi's 22nd birthday in 2007. We blindfolded him and brought him to Eye on Malaysia. We opened his eyes when we were on top of the world, with birthday song, birthday cake, birthday card (custom made as below) and everything. Birthday cake was squashed by then, but still lightable. Hahaha...That was one surprise. The other surprise was he didnt realize his fiance (gf back then)was there all the time. We had a great and crazy time. Ruidi was singing in the crowd while waiting to get on board, not realizing where he was.
Well, one of the best memories I would say, both for him and for all of us I believe. Always grateful for having you guys in my life. Young Dreamz forever.

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Yiing2 said...

SHeerah the talented girl!!!

How are you darling??? The card that you made is reallllyyyy pretty!!!I really need to show Addie (Albert's sis) when she gets home tonight.. WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~````i'm a bit hyper on this hot sunny sunday! :)
Talk to you in email.