Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Missing my best friends

I miss my best friends, Audrey and Grace. So made these cards and snail mail to them. They both received it yesterday. It always makes my day when my friends receive my snail mail. Knowing my productions cheer people up gives me a wierd kind of motivation.

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Yiing2 said...

wuhahaahahahahaa you've made my day tooo darling!!!!!!!!!!THanks for the card!!!!I love it sooooo sooooo muchhhhhhh....and ADDIE too..WUHAHAHHAHAHHA so nice and so cute...and at the same time i feel guilty...for not sending you one....as always.HAHAHAAHAHAAH :P ALrighty girl, thank you once again!!!

p/s: i was shouting just now...when i see my name on your blog again~hahahaha :P i'm just feeling excited..i'm sure grace felt he same and she prob shout louder than me! hahahahaha :P