Monday, October 27, 2008


My sister says i NEVER make cards for her. Always make nice nice card for other people worr... So after my 3rd crazy crafty shopping this month, I made this card for her. I love this stamp! ^^

Erica always take care of me since I have been in KL. When I had no car, she was the one who bought breakfast for me. She also always remember my birthdays and buy me a present. I kinda feel guilty because I never buy back any presents for her, only make her cards. Hahaha. Anyways its been a while we hang around, so I thought of remembering her by making a card for her and catch up maybe.

This is a card for our brother in christ, Peter, whose dad passed away recently :( Hope this card can encourage him through this hard time, reminding him that God is always with him and so are brothers and sisters in church.

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marlene said...

i love the card for peter - very earthly colour +suitable for man. God is hugging him I believe. May him feel the love from the brother sister through the card he is going to receive.