Sunday, November 9, 2008

Breakfast @ Pandan

Last night dinner we has a lot of eggs left over. So I thought of making some not-so-french toast for breakfast this morning. This is a common breakfast my parents used to make when I was a kid, making me miss my family when I make and eat them. Using my phone, I took a picture of some brothers and sister having breakfast (without them noticing) haha.
Oh ya, some of you might wonder where this is. This is the hall where we have our service in Pandan Church. Due to inconvenience going to church in KL, brothers and sisters from the youth fellowship normally stay overnight in church. On Saturday evenings, one of us will cook dinner and Sunday morning's, we normally have bread or maggie. Nothing so special about the food, but I guess its the enjoyment of fellowship and company of each other that makes us come back again week after week.
Not-so-French Toast Recipe (if anyone interested):
1 loaf of bread
3-4 eggs (depend on the size)
Milk (approx. 1/4 cup)
Sugar (approx 2 tbsp / to taste)
Butter (to fry the toast)
Honey (optional)
1. Beat the eggs in a bowl, big enough to put a piece of bread.
2. Add milk and sugar. Stir well
3. Heat 1/2 tbsp butter in pan
4. Dip a piece of bread in the egg mixture, making sure that the whole piece is covered with the mixture.
5. Fry the bread in pan, till golden brown.
6. Served hot, with honey.

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