Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cards for Brothers

I made this card as a thank you for a brother who bought 恩之颂's concert tickets and give to me because he couldn't make it. However, I ended up letting to others also because I have to work :(, but I was still grateful for it.

We celebrated birthday's for 2 brothers last weekend: 明涌 (1st Nov) and Timothy a.k.a 小飞机 (2nd Nov). We yamcha at 不见不散 and ordered the ice cream toast with candles on them to replace the cakes. Its a pity we forgot to take pictures. Anyways I made cards for them. May God bless them in their studies, everyday life in KL and of course, spiritual lives also.

I have been making card using pink and green a lot (because that is the main colors i got so far :p). Then I thought it would be fun to take a picture of them together. Feel a bit sorry for the guys to give them such 'pink' stuff. :p

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