Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's that time of the year again ^^

HO HO HO!... Yep its that time of the year again. With christmas round the corner, I thought I will make some cards for brothers and sisters serving in the missionaries. Got the inspiration from reading purpose driven life - using my talent to serve others, and to be interested in God's works.
I used one type patterned paper and 3 blank colored paper (green, red and white), then I mixed and played around with different layouts. Marlene, if you are reading this, hope you don't mind i copied some of your layouts. Hahaha. I find your layouts simple and nice and good to recyle the left overs!!
Anyways more cards to come. Will keep 'em posted. Probably I'll post the detailed photos tomorrow. Gotta rush for church now... Oops, I'm late!! :p

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