Monday, November 10, 2008

Business Trip @ HCM, Vietnam

I spent last week working in HoChihMinh City, Vietnam, helping our customer install a cereal plant. It was a very good experience. There were funny times (talking & ordering food esp), tough times (the work), nice times (nice food ^^), and challenging times (working in different environment). Life in Vietnam reminds me of a simpler time during childhood. Most people are poor. My colleague and I were amazed by the quantity of motobikes and what they can do. Motobikes really can multitask there - carrying goods many times their size. After this trip, I realize I have been a very lucky child, given the priviledge to study and growing up in a comfortable environment. This is because we had kids (about age 12 i guess) working for us - cutting steel, doing welding work. May God bless Vietnam and the people there.
This is the factory, where we work. Thanks a lot to Minh Tuan, Mr. Long and Mr. Hieu, our who guided us around the city, took care of our hotel, transport and everything we needed while we were there.
I just had to take a picture of this. Run out of ideas where to take a nap? Here's a hint :p
This is the hotel we were staying - Cao Gia Thinh / Paradise Hotel
I had no time to shop. So while at the airport before flying back, I took some time to write a few postcards to my family and friends.

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