Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mum& Dad's 28th Anniversary

It was my parents' 28th Anniversary on 19th Jan 2009. Made a simple little belated card for them. I've also posted some of their pictures here :)
I took this picture as we were going for the CNY night market. My sis and I were at the back and saw this view to be nice - still hand in hand after 28 years. So we quickly grab the camera and did a candid shot =p They walked really fast and we had to chase them so picture is kinda blur, but i still find it sweet. I hope some day I can find a husband whose hand I can hold even tho we are 70 already :)


marlene said...

sometime i saw my parents hold hand too. but they super pai say :p

Agnes Sim said...

wow..nice card le.

Erica said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog. I have a hard time keeping up with this writing...I have such a busy life.
I really enjoy your elegant simplistic style. I love what you write about with your family too. Family is the best part of us, I believe. I will keep visiting you. Check me out once in a while, but remember, I don't blog much.

Kiiss said...

Yes, that is so sweet and romantic. I also hope that I will still be holding hand with my man until the hair go grey. <3