Thursday, January 29, 2009

The feel of Home :)

I came home last Friday and stayed for 10 days ^^ (longest I've ever stayed since I went to KL). This time back I found somethings that I appreciate about home....simple little things but these things I cant find in my KL house. ... like:
  • family chit chat chit chat (although sometimes it can be VERY noisy)
  • feel of someone at home as you come back from outside
  • never have the chance to feel hungry (in KL I normally start to find thing to eat only after I feel hungry)
  • my sis helping me do mask, giving me facial care advices
  • msn with my sis, while she's sitting next to me, asking her what she doing and she ask me where I am... hahaha... (this is very 废 but fun lor :p)
  • my grandma classic 想当年stories
  • my mum nagging dad (my dad always answer: "yalo"... hahahaha)
  • my mum nagging me and my siblings
  • my grandma calling me "fai dan" (坏蛋)as I kacau her
  • my dogs chasing my car and follow me home as I drive home from somewhere. I love the sight of them thru my side mirror.
  • my mum's home brew coffee ... mmmmm......
  • my very messy room and yet I sleep better here

Oops... gotta go out. Will add more if I think of more later :)

Hehehe, I'm back with more stuff:

  • never have to worry about car thingy
  • everywhere is within 15 mins
  • the rain - a bit too much but i still love it
  • kolo mee breakfast!! yum, and this includes breakfast with family
  • home cook food - either mum's, grandma's or mine .. hehe
  • the sound of tv (in KL, i hardly on tv, let alone to watch it)

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marlene said...

yayaya. Have the same feelings :) especially the "never feel hungry" hahahaha