Saturday, January 3, 2009

Last Christmas: Cards for Missionary Partners

My pc was down before and during Christmas period, I didnt get to blog for a while. Now that I'm back with my mum's laptop, I still feel like sharing some of my christmas productions, even though most of us are looking forward to the CNY now. Actually I'm still in the christmas mood, wish it was longer though.

I had this idea that I wanted to handmake christmas cards for our church missionary partners (both local and international), but ended up got heart but not enough strength (有心力不足 - please bear with my straight forward translation :p). So as the date draw near, I just designed this simple card, get it printed in a shop, got brothers and sisters to sign them and delivered them out as soon as I could. Probably some overseas one were late (only 10 days ahead of Christmas - Oops!!) Anyways, I hope this will bring a little christmas cheer to our partners away from home, working hard for the Lord.


marlene said...

Eh.. very simple and nice card! Wow, you are not major in graphic but yet did very good job in designing! Amazing! You have the gift!

Shera said...

Wow.. a compliment from a graphic designer!! such an honor. thanks marlene. But my skills is limited la... my design can only be simple simple one. hehehe... hope to learn photoshop if got chance :)