Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Yiing

It's my babeh Audrey's (or Yiing as we normally call her) birthday today so I thought of dedicating this post to her specially. We actually spend very little time together but miraculously our friendship stay strong after these 14 years..... (wow, has it been this long already?) I've always been thankful to God for such a good caring friend. In addition to that, she's funny (chatting with her always makes me laugh, even reading her emails can make me smile stupidly at the monitor), smart (no doubt bout that), pretty (Albert is so lucky :P), sweet (being around her is really comfortable), caring, good listener and many many more........................... and i mean its many untillll (straight chinese translation :p)

Hey babeh, I'm posting some pictures. Please don't kill me. The three of us should seriously take more pictures la....... these are the only ones I've got!! Soo miserably few only.....

Neways, hope you have a great birthday and an abundant year 2009. May God bless you with your spiritual life, marriage, family, work and of course your trips to Japan. Hahaha. May He guide you.


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Anonymous said...

Sheeerah, thank you very much!!! i was so touched by you..This present of yours will be remember from me forever and ever and ever and ever....it's very special and unique!!! 3 of us have known each other for so many years and i'mr eally glad we still keep in touch so closely...share problems, pray for each other.thank you girls!!!!!love you!!!