Saturday, February 28, 2009

Calling Grandma

I called home today and talked to grandma. I know she misses me and have a lot to say but at the same time she worries I spend a lot of money on phone bills. I explains to her many times already that my phone package has a minimum amount RM50 that I need to use every month but she never gets it. To her: long distance calls = $$$$. And so today, as usual, she stops me from talking so long.

Grandma: 好了啦。。。没有什么不要讲这样久啦。。。你还要跟谁讲话?ok liao la. Nothing important don't talk so long la. Anybody else you want to talk to?

Shera: 我要跟你讲话. I wana talk to you.

Grandma: ok. 你要跟我讲什么? ok, what do you wana say to me?

Shera: 婆婆,我爱你! Grandma, I love you!

Grandma: 嘿,"shin jin bin"! (神经病 in hakka accent). You are crazy! (but I can tell she is smiling one. hehe)

Shera: @.@.................. hahahaha. (then she laughs with me also)

I miss grandma. I miss home. whuu.... whuuu........... :(

More Cards in February

I made this card to encourage a brother in Pujut Church (church from my dear hometown). He is someone... erm, I have probably never spoken more than 10 lines to. And of those 10 lines that I've spoken to him before, I don't think I'll remember regarding what also (probably Ruidi's wedding deco gua.. :p). Wondering how I got about to send a card to him? Well, thanks to the digital world. I found his blog (through who I forgot also) and felt the urge that I need to do something. Being lost for words as usual, making cards is best way for me to talk or send a message. While I was sending it, I was even wondering if he would know me o not. Hahaha. But thank God, he knows and he is touched. So my card fulilled its purpose lu! ^^ yei!Ruidi and Sandy got married for 1 month today :) So fast leh. Seems like I just got back from Miri and its been a month liao! wow.... I made the card with their fav colors - red for Ruidi and blue for Sandy. Kinda wierd combination but I think its still ok lah. Hehehe. Happy 1 monniversary Ruidi and Sandy from all of us at Pandan! We miss you :) I made this together with Ruidi Sandy's card. Same colors, same patterned paper, just different layout and stamps :) This is for Ah Jun, a dear friend of mine. I want to encourage her but I don't know what to say. I guess the best I can do is making a card nia lo. Cheer up Jun! We love you and we support you :) This simple card is for a dear sister @ Pandan - Elyn :) Made it early in the morning, while I was still in a blur blur state. Therefore I used cold colors, matching the cool morning breeze I was feeling. Hehe.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bad Day

Yep, one of those days. Things didnt really go my way today. And things like this normally happen one following another, making a nice snowball there.
  1. I got up today heavy headed - means migraine is coming.
  2. Got up later than usual, so gonna be extra late for work. "Extra" because I am already late everyday :p
  3. Then before leaving the house, I spilled my water plant and I had to clean the mess. Extra extra late.
  4. I met with multiple traffic jams (the unusual kind). My 20 min ride become 1 hour today. Super extra extra late.
  5. Work was not so smooth either. Work started by being questioned by my boss for not revealing certain problems to him. Had my reasons though.
  6. Went to site to get something done. But there were some problems and we couldnt do the job we planned. So we have to go again tomorrow
  7. Of all days, we have a shipping thingy today. Oh, by the way, I hate shipping - worse part of my job I find so far. I hate the hassle and uncertainty of it. Emails flying up and down, documents searching, clarify this, clarify that, this info missing, that info don't match, call this guy, coordinate with that lady. And people I deal with are not polite. That's the worst thing. Sometimes I wonder if it hurts to speak nicely.
  8. I came back to office to realize my boss got into an arguement with one of his partners. Fine by me. But then he got me involved to clarify the issues to support his argument. I ended up trying to clarify while trying to make peace instead of standing on his side to help "fight the enemy". I still don't know how that is going to turn out because I did that during overtime. Oh well, we'll see tomorrow. Might get a wack but I don't care. Hehe
  9. Came home exhausted, migraine worse. Too lazy to pack food on the way because hard to find parking. So i bought 2 packs of maggie at the convenient store in the apartment and got charged RM2.20 for it. Wow... price rise again.
  10. During dinner, mum msg me to say Dad is not feeling well and my grandma had another fight with my uncle >.<

Ok, enough complaining. So much for my unfortunate events today. However, I'm still thankful for all that I have, esp the Lord in my heart. With that, I have remained calm throughout my day and I have yet to lose my temper. My expression might have been sulky (mainly because of my migraine, it really drives me down) but I still didnt find it difficult to remain polite and smile at someone when I need to, or saying 'thank you' to the shipping people. And now that I'm sitting comfortably at home, typing this blog peacefully, I'm thankful for a good resting place in a wild city like this :) Bout my job, at least I still have a job, so I really should be thankful. As for family, there may be things to "fan" for family sometimes, but at least I HAVE a family to worry about. I think its a blessing. And now that I think of my day, well... I guess its not that bad and I was making a big deal out of it.

I thought of a cute song to share. and one of my favourites too.

So... how's your day been?

Monday, February 23, 2009

I have a dream

I have a dream!! (quote Mandela :p) I have always been a big dreamer (both day and night :p). If I had to describe myself, I would say: a small town girl with big dreams. I used to believe that music was biggest dream. I even came all the way to the big city to pursue it - not quite there yet, but believe me I'm getting there. But then lately, I realize I have a bigger vision/dream and its not music. Ya..... OUCH! after all the effort I have spent on music. No effort will be wasted, but I do regret I didnt started my other bigger dream earlier. Actually its not exactly a 'bigger' dream lah, I just realize I find it more important and more meaningful, that's all.

Ok, enough blabbering, get to the point!.. Haha. I have a dream that my cards can touch people. I have never been and probably never will be good in talking. Many a times I want to comfort / encourage people but when I open my mouth, all that comes out is 'blah' and nothing really useful. I tried working on it, but still doesnt work :( Therefore, I have a dream - that I can use my cards to care for people, starting with my circle of friends and family, then slowly into society. I hope my cards can encourage, comfort, inspire and motivate people. May my dream, in God's will, come true someday :)

Oh, by the way, the photo is an autograph by Tony Fernandes, the CEO of Airasia. I met him on the flight back from Singapore during one of my business trips. Thanks Tony :)

More Lurve to Share

Dad requested a thank you card that he could give to the sister fellowship in church for their support - endless supply of refreshment all year round. For what? You might say. Well, its for the gardening group my dad participates in every Sunday. After much trial and error of arrangements, I came out with this layout. Not bad I would say, not considering the amount of time I spent of course :p
The next card was a fast one tho. It's a simple sympathy card for Uncle Dan, who lost his mum to cancer last Friday :( I was making the card above when I receive the news. So I continued to make this for him. Nothing will be able to replace the place of love ones in your live but I hope this card can bring a little comfort.
And this.... strikingly red, is the replacement card for Ming Yong, who didnt get the V-day card last week due to my lack of supply :P Sorry again Ming Yong, hope you like this :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Handmaking Cards is all about sharing the Lurve

"Handmaking cards is all about sharing the Lurve" - I thought of this phrase to make cards for my 2 card making buddies - Marlene and Liza. Purpose of these 2 cards are mostly gratitude and appreciation of the love I receive from them through card making.

Marlene was such a darling to send us Valentines card for our church activity :) This is the card I made for her. Another card is a card I found on the spot in church, to let others sign and show their gratitude for her cards. I actually made some extra's for the event that night so that we can have one to sign by all to Marlene. But the attendance that night was good (thank God) so my extra's were not enough. I searched high and low and prayed I could find a piece of blank A4 paper, thinking I could let them sign first and I'll make the cover later on. But to my despair, while there are many many new envelopes =.=, I could not find one single A4 paper in Pandan. "Alamak!!" I thought. However, God knows best and prepared better. I found a stack of cards, thank you cards with bible scriptures some more, buried under piles of misc documents, and more envelopes. This was perfect!!
I had a very very pleasant surprise from Liza - a demonstrator for Stamping Up!. Recently I made my first order with Stamping Up! and got to know her through Marlene. Then Liza sent me a lovely greeting card to say Hi... and encourage me ^^. Together with that, she sent me a Stamping Up! idea book / catalogue. WOW!! This book is really nice..... I fell asleep reading it the first night I received it. It really gave me lots of inspirations. Thanks Liza - I love them both... VERY MUCH!
Now don't you agree that Handmaking cards is all about sharing the Lurve? :) God bless you all. Have a good weekend.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines 2009 (Part 2)

So here we go with more pictures of the little angel game. Everybody is very 'rajin' writing. Cards ready to send out

Happy Receivers!

I didnt make enough. Lack of one! ggrrr.... ming yong, I owe you a big one. Sorry :p

Dessert after that - Ice Creams!

Gosh, 1.30 am!.... i'm gonna be so screwed for work tomorrow >.< Happy Valentines Day everyone! Goodnight

Valentines 2009 (Part 1)

Love is in the air~~~......... In this lovey dovey season, even though I have no valentine this year to celebrate with, I feel it's still a great time to share our love. So I had this idea, where I handmade some cards, and played a little game with my church fellowship. This is a classic game to care for each other called the "little angel" game. The rules are, each person draws a name randomly and he shall need to send a card to the person whose name he drew.

Having to make quite a number, I ran out of idea and panic just a bit :p. Then Marlene to the rescue! She poslaju-ed 6 cards of 6 wonderful designs for us. Brothers and sisters went nuts over her cards. They were excited already just by the mention of her name. Haha. It went like this....

Me: "Guys, we need to thank Marlene for these cards, because she.... "
Pandan: (interrupting) " Waaa.............."
Me: (=.= and continuing.....) because she send these lovely cards for us"
Pandan: (continuing also....) "Waaaa.................."

So here goes the pictures of my cards. Thanks to Chia for taking them for me with his new toy - Nikon Dsmthing.... Aren't they fancy? If you wana see clearer pictures of the cards Marlene made, feel free to visit her blog :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Card Evolution (1994-2004)

This time back home my mum showed me the cards I made all these years. She kept them all these years!!!! WOW.... i got excited looking back at them.... my designs back then.. hehehehe...and flash back memories of how I made them etc. I'll describe those I remember. Hope you guys enjoy this ^^

This card was made when I received the 'magic markers' from my mum. These babies has two colors in each pen. When you first draw its shows the first color. Then when you overlap first drawing with the "magic pen" it'll change to the second color. I remember I really had fun with them.
Oo... stickers!! I've love 'em since I was a kid. These were my best badge stickers back then. I was saving for something special. Oh, by the way, I was 12 years old in 1994 ^^
I made this card out of a DIY pack I got from church. Needed very little creativity because the basket and flowers are so nice already.
I started to do "more complicated" designs by cutting a hole to show a picture. HAHA
Me, my siblings and our puppies! Almost remember the names, I 'think' they are correct. The brown one is "Mimi" (short for "Mimisiko" - the boy's name from the movie "Jungle2Jungle". The boy was so cute, I had a crush on him :p). The black one is "Oji" (short for "Ojibala".... hahaha... kids come out with the wierdest names!). Finally the white one is the most 'normal' one.... simply "Bobby"
Aaaaahhh... this one..... fancy wordings right? Oh well, I memorized it from a card in the store. HAHAHAHA..... I used to stay in card sections for hours trying to memorize as much as I could!
I made a lot of "sorry" cards for mum ..... bad girl ba :p
Anniversary card for my parents. Also from his other "kids" from church. They call my parents 老爸子 and 老妈子. :)
Made this card for my dad to give to my mum. I got this idea before I went to bed. So the next day I woke up and straight away make this card ^^
And of course I need to make one for mum too!
There was a time I thought lady bugs are sooooooooooo cute. I wanted to make something with it but I don't know what. One day I broke my mum's pot and I had an excuse to do so. Oh well, the bug don't match the situation but I'm glad I got to make it. Hahahaha..
Got the idea from somewhere but I forgot where. This is one of my favourites all these years. :)
HAHAHAHA.... the 'exploding' effect result from one single mistake of my marker stain. Accidently I drew a line diagonally... end up i just draw all over the card! Not bad ma.. hahaha.
oo.... I love this bear..... its a pity Malaysia hardly sell this bears product.
I started using present paper liao ^^
Made a little handmade gift to go with the card. Doesnt really match though >.<
Last but not least is this funny bookmark. Both my mum and I are not sure whether if I made this or one of my sibilings did. My mum thinks looks like my work but she's not sure. Also no idea WHEN it was made. The words are soooooooo funny. Kids say the darnest things!Hahahaha.
Ok, I guess that's about it. After this you can link to the cards I made in 2005 onwards which has been posted in my blog previously. So here goes my collection of cards for my family and also my card making little sweet experiences. I'm really grateful for this passion and talent God put in me :)