Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Cards in February

I made this card to encourage a brother in Pujut Church (church from my dear hometown). He is someone... erm, I have probably never spoken more than 10 lines to. And of those 10 lines that I've spoken to him before, I don't think I'll remember regarding what also (probably Ruidi's wedding deco gua.. :p). Wondering how I got about to send a card to him? Well, thanks to the digital world. I found his blog (through who I forgot also) and felt the urge that I need to do something. Being lost for words as usual, making cards is best way for me to talk or send a message. While I was sending it, I was even wondering if he would know me o not. Hahaha. But thank God, he knows and he is touched. So my card fulilled its purpose lu! ^^ yei!Ruidi and Sandy got married for 1 month today :) So fast leh. Seems like I just got back from Miri and its been a month liao! wow.... I made the card with their fav colors - red for Ruidi and blue for Sandy. Kinda wierd combination but I think its still ok lah. Hehehe. Happy 1 monniversary Ruidi and Sandy from all of us at Pandan! We miss you :) I made this together with Ruidi Sandy's card. Same colors, same patterned paper, just different layout and stamps :) This is for Ah Jun, a dear friend of mine. I want to encourage her but I don't know what to say. I guess the best I can do is making a card nia lo. Cheer up Jun! We love you and we support you :) This simple card is for a dear sister @ Pandan - Elyn :) Made it early in the morning, while I was still in a blur blur state. Therefore I used cold colors, matching the cool morning breeze I was feeling. Hehe.


Agnes Sim said...

red + blue, not bad ar! design is simple and nice. Color is quite match also ^_^

the card for ur sister one also nice.

I think i'm became your fans oredi. hehe

Ciyou said...

they are lovely~~ You manage to do alot of card this month

Jessy said...