Saturday, February 21, 2009

Handmaking Cards is all about sharing the Lurve

"Handmaking cards is all about sharing the Lurve" - I thought of this phrase to make cards for my 2 card making buddies - Marlene and Liza. Purpose of these 2 cards are mostly gratitude and appreciation of the love I receive from them through card making.

Marlene was such a darling to send us Valentines card for our church activity :) This is the card I made for her. Another card is a card I found on the spot in church, to let others sign and show their gratitude for her cards. I actually made some extra's for the event that night so that we can have one to sign by all to Marlene. But the attendance that night was good (thank God) so my extra's were not enough. I searched high and low and prayed I could find a piece of blank A4 paper, thinking I could let them sign first and I'll make the cover later on. But to my despair, while there are many many new envelopes =.=, I could not find one single A4 paper in Pandan. "Alamak!!" I thought. However, God knows best and prepared better. I found a stack of cards, thank you cards with bible scriptures some more, buried under piles of misc documents, and more envelopes. This was perfect!!
I had a very very pleasant surprise from Liza - a demonstrator for Stamping Up!. Recently I made my first order with Stamping Up! and got to know her through Marlene. Then Liza sent me a lovely greeting card to say Hi... and encourage me ^^. Together with that, she sent me a Stamping Up! idea book / catalogue. WOW!! This book is really nice..... I fell asleep reading it the first night I received it. It really gave me lots of inspirations. Thanks Liza - I love them both... VERY MUCH!
Now don't you agree that Handmaking cards is all about sharing the Lurve? :) God bless you all. Have a good weekend.


Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

This is such a lovely ideas sharing..:) Good post :)


J@iM3 said...

Shera, I have checked out Stampin' UP site. Looks very interesting. Liza is demonstrator from US? Are you part of Stampin' UP too? I'm always been tempting to open up an 'Arts & Craft' shop in KL. Any idea to it? Thanks

Vivienne said...


Agnes Sim said...

oh..NO...sooooo lovely!! I want!! i want!! hehe

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Love your cards! The saying you made up on the top one especially. It came at a time when I really needed some lurve after some criticism I took really hard & it gave me such a giggle! Thanks for sharing such wonderful inspiration. You made my day more than I can say! :O)