Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bad Day

Yep, one of those days. Things didnt really go my way today. And things like this normally happen one following another, making a nice snowball there.
  1. I got up today heavy headed - means migraine is coming.
  2. Got up later than usual, so gonna be extra late for work. "Extra" because I am already late everyday :p
  3. Then before leaving the house, I spilled my water plant and I had to clean the mess. Extra extra late.
  4. I met with multiple traffic jams (the unusual kind). My 20 min ride become 1 hour today. Super extra extra late.
  5. Work was not so smooth either. Work started by being questioned by my boss for not revealing certain problems to him. Had my reasons though.
  6. Went to site to get something done. But there were some problems and we couldnt do the job we planned. So we have to go again tomorrow
  7. Of all days, we have a shipping thingy today. Oh, by the way, I hate shipping - worse part of my job I find so far. I hate the hassle and uncertainty of it. Emails flying up and down, documents searching, clarify this, clarify that, this info missing, that info don't match, call this guy, coordinate with that lady. And people I deal with are not polite. That's the worst thing. Sometimes I wonder if it hurts to speak nicely.
  8. I came back to office to realize my boss got into an arguement with one of his partners. Fine by me. But then he got me involved to clarify the issues to support his argument. I ended up trying to clarify while trying to make peace instead of standing on his side to help "fight the enemy". I still don't know how that is going to turn out because I did that during overtime. Oh well, we'll see tomorrow. Might get a wack but I don't care. Hehe
  9. Came home exhausted, migraine worse. Too lazy to pack food on the way because hard to find parking. So i bought 2 packs of maggie at the convenient store in the apartment and got charged RM2.20 for it. Wow... price rise again.
  10. During dinner, mum msg me to say Dad is not feeling well and my grandma had another fight with my uncle >.<

Ok, enough complaining. So much for my unfortunate events today. However, I'm still thankful for all that I have, esp the Lord in my heart. With that, I have remained calm throughout my day and I have yet to lose my temper. My expression might have been sulky (mainly because of my migraine, it really drives me down) but I still didnt find it difficult to remain polite and smile at someone when I need to, or saying 'thank you' to the shipping people. And now that I'm sitting comfortably at home, typing this blog peacefully, I'm thankful for a good resting place in a wild city like this :) Bout my job, at least I still have a job, so I really should be thankful. As for family, there may be things to "fan" for family sometimes, but at least I HAVE a family to worry about. I think its a blessing. And now that I think of my day, well... I guess its not that bad and I was making a big deal out of it.

I thought of a cute song to share. and one of my favourites too.

So... how's your day been?


J@iM3 said...

Cheer up!! Sometime the days can be as frustrating as it can be but tomorrow can be another better day. Don't be too uptight...hope you can cheer up by doing some happy stuff like scrapping ^.^

marlene said...

remember God is in control of everything :)

Shera said...

Yes, HE is :) If He dont allow it, not one of my hair shall fall, let alone to say anyone hurting me. Hehe. Jaime, Marlene, Thanks!

Anthony said...

I knew the life out there is tough but do remember over sea, you have a power friendship that always ready to give you a hand or shoulder to lay. Kampateh o!!!! for the migraine, let the ants have it lor..haha!!! take good care ya!!!!!!