Monday, February 23, 2009

More Lurve to Share

Dad requested a thank you card that he could give to the sister fellowship in church for their support - endless supply of refreshment all year round. For what? You might say. Well, its for the gardening group my dad participates in every Sunday. After much trial and error of arrangements, I came out with this layout. Not bad I would say, not considering the amount of time I spent of course :p
The next card was a fast one tho. It's a simple sympathy card for Uncle Dan, who lost his mum to cancer last Friday :( I was making the card above when I receive the news. So I continued to make this for him. Nothing will be able to replace the place of love ones in your live but I hope this card can bring a little comfort.
And this.... strikingly red, is the replacement card for Ming Yong, who didnt get the V-day card last week due to my lack of supply :P Sorry again Ming Yong, hope you like this :)

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marlene said...

you started to have very obvious SHEERAH's STYLE liao :)