Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Card Evolution (1994-2004)

This time back home my mum showed me the cards I made all these years. She kept them all these years!!!! WOW.... i got excited looking back at them.... my designs back then.. hehehehe...and flash back memories of how I made them etc. I'll describe those I remember. Hope you guys enjoy this ^^

This card was made when I received the 'magic markers' from my mum. These babies has two colors in each pen. When you first draw its shows the first color. Then when you overlap first drawing with the "magic pen" it'll change to the second color. I remember I really had fun with them.
Oo... stickers!! I've love 'em since I was a kid. These were my best badge stickers back then. I was saving for something special. Oh, by the way, I was 12 years old in 1994 ^^
I made this card out of a DIY pack I got from church. Needed very little creativity because the basket and flowers are so nice already.
I started to do "more complicated" designs by cutting a hole to show a picture. HAHA
Me, my siblings and our puppies! Almost remember the names, I 'think' they are correct. The brown one is "Mimi" (short for "Mimisiko" - the boy's name from the movie "Jungle2Jungle". The boy was so cute, I had a crush on him :p). The black one is "Oji" (short for "Ojibala".... hahaha... kids come out with the wierdest names!). Finally the white one is the most 'normal' one.... simply "Bobby"
Aaaaahhh... this one..... fancy wordings right? Oh well, I memorized it from a card in the store. HAHAHAHA..... I used to stay in card sections for hours trying to memorize as much as I could!
I made a lot of "sorry" cards for mum ..... bad girl ba :p
Anniversary card for my parents. Also from his other "kids" from church. They call my parents 老爸子 and 老妈子. :)
Made this card for my dad to give to my mum. I got this idea before I went to bed. So the next day I woke up and straight away make this card ^^
And of course I need to make one for mum too!
There was a time I thought lady bugs are sooooooooooo cute. I wanted to make something with it but I don't know what. One day I broke my mum's pot and I had an excuse to do so. Oh well, the bug don't match the situation but I'm glad I got to make it. Hahahaha..
Got the idea from somewhere but I forgot where. This is one of my favourites all these years. :)
HAHAHAHA.... the 'exploding' effect result from one single mistake of my marker stain. Accidently I drew a line diagonally... end up i just draw all over the card! Not bad ma.. hahaha.
oo.... I love this bear..... its a pity Malaysia hardly sell this bears product.
I started using present paper liao ^^
Made a little handmade gift to go with the card. Doesnt really match though >.<
Last but not least is this funny bookmark. Both my mum and I are not sure whether if I made this or one of my sibilings did. My mum thinks looks like my work but she's not sure. Also no idea WHEN it was made. The words are soooooooo funny. Kids say the darnest things!Hahahaha.
Ok, I guess that's about it. After this you can link to the cards I made in 2005 onwards which has been posted in my blog previously. So here goes my collection of cards for my family and also my card making little sweet experiences. I'm really grateful for this passion and talent God put in me :)


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