Monday, June 7, 2010

Blessed to be Sick

Had fever 2 nights ago that I couldn't sleep properly. I'm still wondering how I got it as I haven't had fever in years. However, while I was 'blur blur' turning here and there in my bed, my sis helped to put the 'cool fever' thingy on my head and prepared some panadol soluble for me. It helped. ^^ This morning, she gave vitamin C lagi. Man, I thought I was the elder sister. Ended up she's the one taking care of me much better than I would have taken care of her if she were sick. *blush*

I'm grateful for such a darling sister, and I feel so blessed to be sick.

p/s: I'm ok now though ^^ and this is a picture we took together at the beach. I love our smiles in this picture :D

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