Monday, June 7, 2010

Rest Day 07.06.10

Woke up early to work on some last minute crafts today so I can catch my 'postman' who's flying to KL this morning. Since I'm up early, I decided to spend my morning in Starbucks to get some [quiet but not too quiet, lone but not totally alone] time ^^ And so this was what I did - light breakfast, reading, thinking, refreshing, planning, online-ing, blogging, people watching, window staring, and of course, kepoci-ing with partners. Hehehe.

While working most of the time in Starbucks, I hardly 'enjoy' the cafe myself. This is nice. I should plan this more often.
The sky. I like cloudy days :)
Curled up in the sofa, enjoying my read, occasionally sipping chamomile tea
Other stuffs planned for the day: lunch with sister, buy doughnut and visit grandma, cook simple dinner, and..... for night time maybe some preparation for my CTA certification. Maybe will blog about the rest if I have time :p

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luthien said...

ahhh... what a perfect morning!!