Saturday, March 20, 2010

Birthday 2010 (Part 3) - Paktoh with Daddy

After the cake baking, daddy ajak me out for tea ^^ ..... And so we went paktoh @ Dessert. Had some strawberry ice cream (my favourite flavor ^^) some chocolate cake and of course, coffee. Feels so pampered to be daddy's girl. Hehehe.

Birthday 2010 (Part 2) - THE Cake

After KFC lunch, we came back home to bake my birthday cake - Buttered Marble Cake... ^^ We sure had lotsa fun doing this together :) Will just let the pictures do the talking. Hehe. I love the cake and I love my sister even more ^^

Birthday 2010 (Part 1) - Eat eat eat!

After 4 years not celebrating my birthday in Miri, this year's celebration turns out to be a tremendous feast, as if to replace the 4 years back's birthday dinners :p

Once I woke up (around 11am :p), Mum had the porridge ready on the table - with yau cha kuai and century egg.. ^^ I'm far from being a porridge fan, but mum's special recipe of marinating the rice with century egg and stewing with pork liver really tasted good :)
Just shortly after breakfast, Uncle Bernard called to ask me out for lunch @ KFC... And so I went, with Ah Po and Jo. It's been ages since I visited this outlet. Its the oldest KFC in Miri :) It's very touching to know my uncle remembers my birthday EVERY year. When we were younger, he used to bring us out for fast foods like Sugarbun, KFC, Hungry Horse and Frosty Boy. Going for this lunch brings back memories of those days :)

Birthday Blessings :)

It's 2.02am now. And I'm turning 28 today. Actually was quite emo today, not because I'm getting older, mind you, but because of some other reasons. Anyways, I started to receive showers of blessings a day before my birthday that made up for my blues. Hehe...

My sister knows my mouse is super cacat and bought me a new one for my birthday. And she very funny lor.... this was how she gave me just now. Pls pardon me for my straight translation from Mandarin ya.. Haha.

Jo comes back from work. I was in living room surfing net. Jo walks in.

Jo: Ey, u want your birthday present today or tomorrow?

Shera: Up to you when you wana give oh. (Ponders for a while....).... erm... tomorrow la...

Jo: Huh? Then mar have to wrap your present lor? (*Sulks*)

Shera: You lazy mar gimme now lor~

Jo: (Took out my present and hands it to me)....

Shera: (*grins*)..... haha... beh tahan my mouse is it?

Jo: Yalah!!! ... (and takes back present ..... she forgot to tear out the price so she darkens it with a marker and gives back to me >.<) .....

Anyways, I'm happily surfing and working with my new mouse now...... feel so relieved to have a good mouse... haha :p
Then before dinner I showed mum some wooden wall pictures I find EXTREMELY attractive in Precious Moments since we were eating nearby. And guess what? She bot one for me for my birthday!!! Woooohoooo~!!!! ^^ Check it out... Soooooo nice kan kan kan? Gonna start collecting this :D This piece means a lot to me and my dreamsss. This art will be a memorable piece one day :)
Then I played with a little and made this :p
I started to get wishes in MSN and facebook the night before. And once it strikes twelve, more came flooding in.... This is all I've got for now..... And I couldn't have asked for more... :D I feel blessed. No, I "AM" blessed :D

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Snail Mail from Pujut 10

I stay in Pujut 5 and she stays in Pujut 10. Driving distance about 5 minutes... walking distance is possible if you have the will.. Haha. However, I got this postcard by post today ^^ ..... So 'ada hati' hor? ^^ I just love snail mails!!! And the postcard, very de cantik leh... See the colors also feel happy :D
Thank you Marlene for your heart, ur effort, ur support and ur encouragement. 我会加油的 :D

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Soft shell Craby :D

Today mum made an awesome meal. ^^ Marlene's dad gave us these soft shell crabs from his pond for testing :D So mum made it with spaghetti fried with olive oil and some other ingredients that I don't know what it is. hehehe. *Slurps*
I enjoy having dinner with family :) Most of the times its not what you eat that matters (sometimes still matters la cuz I'm so greedy :p) .... but who you eat it with :)
Helped to cut orange today. First time see orange oval shape de @.@

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rest Day 16.03.10

Had a really simple rest day today. Just had some casual time with family. One thing to be really grateful today though - it rained cats and dogs in Miri today. Wooohooo....~~~~!!! Finally!!! ^^
Due to the rain, we can't go out. So while waiting for the rain to stop, we did a little recycling activity :D
After the rain stopped, we went out for a while and I bought grandma these puzzles. Something new for her collection since her tv is down :( .... and yeah, my grandma plays puzzles at home when she's bored :)

My Sweet Little Sister

Due to my odd working hours, sometimes the time my sister comes back from work is the time I start working. So even though we stay under the same roof, we don't really see each other everyday. Today is one of those days.

However, when I come back home from work today, I saw this note on my laptop. Underneath it a baking recipe book.

My birthday's coming up. She remembers. She wants to bake my birthday cake. Ain't she just the sweetest? ^^

蜜瓜希米露 Honey Dew Sai Mai Lou

Been wanting to make this dessert for family since I came back. I learnt it from my house mate when I was studying in New Zealand. Brought the recipe back home and my family has loved it ever since.

The steps are a bit mafan but all simple. Ingredients shown as picture below :)
And how to put the Sai Mai Lou together ^^
And grandma came for dinner today. Too bad she's coughing and can't eat though :( But mum made an awesome dinner and grandma loves EVERY dish cooked. ^^

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Daddy's Sunday School Class

Today after church service, for some reason, mum suggested grandma joining Daddy's Sunday school class for the elderly. Grandma agreed to join provided we company her. And we did. Daddy seemed happy to see us (grandma, mum and me) in class :D

Daddy taught about Peter's fishing experience when he first met Jesus. And he decided to follow Jesus afterwards. Good reminder for myself :) From the response of the students, mum concluded that Daddy is a good teacher, very suitable to teach this class :) Mum has tonnes of good ideas for daddy's class. I suggested that she become daddy's assistant. Haha. Good idea kan? :p

As usual, some pictures below to share.

Ah Po always sits here in church while waiting to go home.
And the class scenes :)
The teacher ^^
The class

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dinner @ Citrus

My sister been bragging about this place since it opened. Been intending to go but due to my short and tight schedules whenever I come back last time, I never went. Today finally got to go. Conclusion - nice place, nice food and price.... quite nice also. Hahaha. We enjoyed the dinner.

Rest Day 09.03.10

Rest day today started with breakfast with Ah Po and Mummy. Had my kuehtiao mee fried with mani vege and ikan bilis. Perfect :)
Then we went to E-mart. WOW... changed a lot....and lotsa stuff to see and buy. We spent half and hour just at the sause section ... Hehehe.... Picture below shows ah Po and mummy investigating all the different type of sauses and their potentials for the variety of food... Hehe.. Too bad Ah Po can't walk too long. I know she feels like exploring.
And then we head back home.. Ah Po reading newspaper. This is the chair where she always sits. And the chair beside (spot where I'm taking this picture) is always where i sit ^^
When I took this picture (above), kena zat by Ah Po saying:

(You don't so free nothing to do, take picture here, take picture there, people reading newspaper)......

Oh well, I didn't care and took it anyway.. hehehe :p

Meanwhile, I'm cooking barley-greenbean-sago soup. Hot weather, drink something cool. Should be ready in another half an hour :)

Little thoughts of the day:
Need to look for a wheel chair.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Julie and Julia

Adelina introduced me this movie months ago and finally got myself to watch it today. I LOVE IT! It's about going for your passion and ambitions. And I like the idea of having a goal, doing something you like, one thing one day at a time. Most of all, I really admire the relationship they had with their husbands throughout their journey, esp Julia. Things and partners are not always very pretty but its very sweet to go through and withstand those not very sweet times together.

Based on 2 true stories. Worth to watch.

Watch trailer HERE

Little Thoughts of the Day:
Need to get lost to find myself - but when and where to?

Ready Breakfast

I have morning shift today starting at 7.30am (sooooooooo early...>.<) However, daddy's breakfast waiting on the table turned the morning around. The texture of the egg - just right :D With this, I'm ready for the day ^^