Saturday, March 20, 2010

Birthday 2010 (Part 1) - Eat eat eat!

After 4 years not celebrating my birthday in Miri, this year's celebration turns out to be a tremendous feast, as if to replace the 4 years back's birthday dinners :p

Once I woke up (around 11am :p), Mum had the porridge ready on the table - with yau cha kuai and century egg.. ^^ I'm far from being a porridge fan, but mum's special recipe of marinating the rice with century egg and stewing with pork liver really tasted good :)
Just shortly after breakfast, Uncle Bernard called to ask me out for lunch @ KFC... And so I went, with Ah Po and Jo. It's been ages since I visited this outlet. Its the oldest KFC in Miri :) It's very touching to know my uncle remembers my birthday EVERY year. When we were younger, he used to bring us out for fast foods like Sugarbun, KFC, Hungry Horse and Frosty Boy. Going for this lunch brings back memories of those days :)

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