Sunday, March 14, 2010

Daddy's Sunday School Class

Today after church service, for some reason, mum suggested grandma joining Daddy's Sunday school class for the elderly. Grandma agreed to join provided we company her. And we did. Daddy seemed happy to see us (grandma, mum and me) in class :D

Daddy taught about Peter's fishing experience when he first met Jesus. And he decided to follow Jesus afterwards. Good reminder for myself :) From the response of the students, mum concluded that Daddy is a good teacher, very suitable to teach this class :) Mum has tonnes of good ideas for daddy's class. I suggested that she become daddy's assistant. Haha. Good idea kan? :p

As usual, some pictures below to share.

Ah Po always sits here in church while waiting to go home.
And the class scenes :)
The teacher ^^
The class

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