Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rest Day 09.03.10

Rest day today started with breakfast with Ah Po and Mummy. Had my kuehtiao mee fried with mani vege and ikan bilis. Perfect :)
Then we went to E-mart. WOW... changed a lot....and lotsa stuff to see and buy. We spent half and hour just at the sause section ... Hehehe.... Picture below shows ah Po and mummy investigating all the different type of sauses and their potentials for the variety of food... Hehe.. Too bad Ah Po can't walk too long. I know she feels like exploring.
And then we head back home.. Ah Po reading newspaper. This is the chair where she always sits. And the chair beside (spot where I'm taking this picture) is always where i sit ^^
When I took this picture (above), kena zat by Ah Po saying:

(You don't so free nothing to do, take picture here, take picture there, people reading newspaper)......

Oh well, I didn't care and took it anyway.. hehehe :p

Meanwhile, I'm cooking barley-greenbean-sago soup. Hot weather, drink something cool. Should be ready in another half an hour :)

Little thoughts of the day:
Need to look for a wheel chair.


Robin Tay said...

E-mart?! WOW! I have been to Miri how many times now and my wife still hasn't taken me there yet. :)

Sheerah said...

hahaha.... oopsy...someone's in trouble.... and wat i'm about to say wont help (sorry gin li)... "its quite near to your house in miri" ^^

Robin Tay said...

Yeah lor... Some more drive by all the time and was told there's nothing there to see. Hai... Next time I go with you ok? Oh the joke was wifey's one.