Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lui Cha for Lunch

Actually I don't have much to write about this - my lunch today. But purposely post this up to kek my 2 darlings who are sure dying to have this ^^ . This is Lui Cha - a Chinese Hakka dish consists of vegies, mixed with rice, topped with some peanuts and have some greenie-looking soup (made of 7 herbs) poured over it until everything is covered. This is normally taken on the 7th day of Chinese Lunar New Year. The herbs are meant to be very good for health. I'm only 1/8 Hopoh Hakka so I don't really take the complete style with the bitter greenie soup. I take it with normal chicken soup and I've always love it this way. Having always preferring to have things light, this is one of my favourite Chinese food.

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marlene said...

tak pernah try but tak mahu try also :p may be few more months kua :) Just started accept Kueh-Chap.. so think gonna take long time to accept Lui Cha :p